What’s your excuse?



What is your first thought when you wake up? What is the biggest reason you aren’t doing what you want to do with your life? I’ll tell you, it’s the ease of making excuses, finding something else to blame for not traveling in the direction you want to. The workload at your job, having to run the kids here there and everywhere, you just don’t have enough hours in the day to do what you want to do. I could list reasons into infinity and each and every one will be the same, an excuse.

Now look at it this way, each time you wake up you are presented with another 24 hour window of opportunity, 24 hours to take another step, no matter how big or small towards your goals. I’m not saying it will ever be gifted to you but you have to realize every single person on the planet wakes up with the same time slot in front of them as you. It’s how you use it. It’s not even a case of how much time you have it’s how you utilize it. We all have a ‘thing’ a dream or goal, that ideal life that rattles around our heads when we’re daydreaming or talking to our friends , but the bottom line in reality is that no matter how crazy or unrealistic it seems, no matter how far fetched it sounds it is all achievable. Every single one of us has limitless potential, it is only restricted by ourselves, by not believing¬† in our own capabilities but that’ s inaccurate as we all have the ability to be what we want.

Break your day down, look at how you use your time. The first thing you will see is the amount of time your face is buried in your phone. Now, depending on what you are working towards your phone can be your worst enemy or one of the strongest tools you can utilize. It is such a powerful tool when used correctly, the power and influence you can generate is staggering, and as with everything else what you put in your get back in return. It is also a place of escapism where we lose ourselves browsing, shopping, chatting, laughing at meme’s. It’s where we can lose total track of time. I have made and implemented a rule where asides from updating socials, blogs and such like I don’t use my phone in the evenings. Do that and watch your productivity soar. Something that simple turns a 1am workload to a 11pm finish.

Anyway..we all know we spend far too much time on our phones that isn’t breaking news. Of course we need to chat and escape but it is finding that balance, that is why we are here after all, to find that ideal (not perfect) balance. After all, it is only you who will suffer or benefit from your dedication. Effort is relative to reward, doesn’t matter what you apply it to. Now the rewards, those returns are never going to be instant and more than likely not equal but when they start to filter through everything begins to make sense and they become addictive. Pair that to the fact you are working on something you want to make happen those rewards taste even sweeter.

Have you ever stopped to think about things the other way round? I mean instead of finding something to stop you trying, to stop you having a go at what you want, maybe flip it, look at it that if you give it a shot at the very least you will be spending time doing something that you are passionate about, that interests you, something that you will learn more about the more you do it. Isn’t that a better outlook? I know my own world and life has been astronomically better since I learned to take this approach. It puts you in control of your time, it lets you map out what you want to achieve. Personally I have never worked as hard as I have in the last 18 months. I am so dialed in to doing what I love and enjoy, to make doing that my life, my passion and my career all wrapped in to one that in itself fuels me. I don’t even entertain down-time, the thought of parking myself on the sofa and staring at the TV for hours sends chills down my spine. So much so that I sent my Sky box back. Now I don’t even have the option and that suits me just fine. It is my passion, my craft that I am ever refining and developing, I don’t want distractions. Why do you need to make excuses to do something you would love to do? Move it from an idea into a reality, your own reality and don’t put if off. That’s another big hitter of the excuses; ‘oh I will start it on Monday’ or ‘after I have finished this I’ll start’. It’s all buffering, all putting it off for no reason or are you worried about failing at it? Good! You need to fail here and there along the way as that will only serve to improve what you are doing.

Not enough time is not a valid reason, nor is the fear of failure. You make the time by using every single second of your day effectively. As for fear? I understand the concept of fear but I do not allow it to dictate what I do and when, it is not relevant. Have you ever considered what fear actually is? It is the concern of an unknown outcome, an outcome that could be negative. Not ‘will’ be negative but it could be. Even if it were ultimately it will become positive once you have taken something from it. Do not let fear be an excuse not to chase your dreams, to not even try, that’s madness. The leap into the unknown is maybe the biggest character building exercise you can do, to face the fear and do it anyway and soon you will learn to embrace it, to seek out doing things that scare you as you’ll know these actions bring about the rewards. Fortune favors the brave.

An excuse is just you holding on to the hope that you wont have to do something but sooner or later, if you really want it you will break past that barrier and take charge of your life’s direction. Imagine it, an excuse free, fear free life where you are sitting firmly in the drivers seat taking on all comers and making all the decisions you need to. Of course there will be challenges and curveballs but tat’s what we are designed to do, move forward regardless of what obstacles have been laid before us. Are you worried what people might think if they see you chasing your dream? Well firstly, you are the one out there trying every day, working towards your goals and your ideal life. Secondly, who cares what other people think? Seriously this is also one of the biggest excuses and hang up but why? What should you care what other people think about you or what you’re doing? Besides you will soon work out that those who actually want you to do well, they’ll be the ones positive about what you are doing because they will see that it is making you happy. A close friend of mine is a bikini competitor, one of the best out there but she can’t and wont get caught up in peoples opinions, not that anything has ever phased her focus but on occasion it has got to her. She found herself wasting time entertaining what people were saying about what she was trying to achieve. My advice to her was simple, people will always going to have opinions on what you are doing, whether you ask for them or not. you’re going to hear a lot of good comments and a lot of bad comments, the key is to ignore them both. No-ones opinion should affect what you’re doing and working towards. It is your dream, your vision. Never waiver, don’t make excuses, it’s wasted energy. Energy better served poured into realizing your dream.

So from now on when you’re about to stop yourself from doing something, why? Why do you need to hunt for a reason not to do it? Why do you need an excuse?

Don’t make excuses, you don’t need to.

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