What are you waiting for?


We all have dreams don’t we, we all have that ideal scenario that we hope for but what stops us from going out there and getting it? As I have touched on before, for some reason we train ourselves to be governed by excuses, we talk ourselves out of even trying to do what we want. Eventually, once the planets align there comes a point where there aren’t any excuses left yet we still try and defer going all out for our dreams. This for me begs the question; ‘What are you waiting for?’. What is it that is holding you back? You’ve got to believe in yourself, once you can do that, once you have learned to harness self belief then destiny will be staring at you, it will be looking straight into your eyes and it wont blink, it wont look away because it knows you are ready, and you’ll know it too. You will feel that fire swirling around inside you, the thoughts of your own goals will never leave your mind. This is where you must place yourself in order to achieve your dreams. There is no magic pill, no free rides, no piggy back as someone else does the heavy lifting. This is now you. You versus you each and every day. Endlessly chipping away at the seemingly impossible task, yet this wont phase you, that line of thought wont even enter your mind because you know it’s doable, you feel it’s doable, you believe it’s doable.

The empowerment of self belief is many things, it’s inspiring. Watch how many others draw enthusiasm and determination from how you carry yourself. The passion you convey in talking about your dream and what your are doing will ignite others to try and realize their own dreams. Positivity is infectious, it breeds more and more positive energy. It makes like minded people gravitate towards you. Then those people all begin to bounce off one another. Ideas, suggestions, developments, collaborations. It makes opportunity infinite.

As someone that has always had a billion ideas but never really been in the right place internally to really chase them down, to pursue them into completion and beyond. Where I am at now, destroying every single marker and task I set myself without a second thought. It is so liberating and it has the domino effect, everything you set out to do and complete is like adding an accelerant  to the fire, it fuels your passion and it fuels your belief in yourself. It also acts to add reinforcement to your course of action.

What is something bad happens, wont that undo everything? No, we all know life will throw in a mixed bag of cheeky surprises ready to blindside us at any given moment. Bad and unforeseen things are going to happen here and there that’s all part of it but when you are in that positive mindset you are already best prepared to process and deal with anything already. Think of it this way, if you mind is already tuned to being negative then you will almost be searching for something negative to happen and when it does you will adopt a defeatist attitude but flip that to a positive outlook and you will feel more like ‘should something come along to rock the boat I will just deal with it there and then’. That’s the battle already half won. Don’t let non existent things influence your outlook and mindset. It’s like keep thinking back on the past, nothing is to be gained. What I want you to do is change your default settings, switch them into positive mode in everything you do. There isn’t single aspect of life that isn’t improved by this mentality. You’ll do positive things without even knowing because it just becomes normal. You’ll whittle out all those little negative traits and influences that hold you back and when you reflect you will recognize  that the whole time you didn’t even see how much they were holding you back.

Don’t put it off, don’t let your life pass you by without going for it. The rewards are out there for each and every one of us. We always take tomorrow as a given but think about it. Have you ever stopped and considered that today, right here and now could be your last day? That’s not meant to sound all doom and gloom, quite the opposite in fact so take a second to think about that as a real fact. What you do here and now today could be your last actions, your last opportunity to do something amazing with your life. This is why it’s so important to make the most of it. If you want a real life example, when my dad was diagnosed with cancer he spoke of plans for he, my brother and I to go sea fishing. The grande royale for a father and his sons. He said once he had got through his treatment we would book the boat and the three of us would take to the seas, but he got worse so we said we would organize it for when his condition had improved. Little did we know but our window had already passed. He was never well enough again to book it and trip never happened. I hate fishing but that trip would have been cemented in my memory forever. So don’t put things off, don’t put anything off. When he first said about the trip it should’ve been booked there and then.

So when someone asks you what you are waiting for, or even if you find you’re asking yourself that question then seize that moment there and then, do it, book it, say it, dream it. Whatever it may be do it, don’t let a moment slip away because you might not realize but that may well have been your only chance for it. Live in the moment. As the people around me now know I have adopted a certain outlook to anything in my life. If opportunity comes a knocking, if I get asked if I want to do something or go somewhere then my default answer is ‘yes’. Then I work out the details between now and then. Believe me if nothing else it keeps things fresh!

Try not to overthink things either, it’s like tethering yourself to life. Don’t start thinking about the negative outcomes, if you are going to think about things think about all the possible positive outcomes. What could actually happen if you went for it. What other opportunities could be born from going for it? You see thinking in both positive and negative ways has the same effect, they both breed more of the same but when you’re thinking negatively it will spiral down and down until it hits the bottom. Now flip that to positive thinking and it only climbs higher and higher. There is no ceiling, no top to reach. That’s the overall beauty of a positive outlook. It’s limitless, a never ending journey all based on how you choose to look at things and how you choose to approach things.

Another thing I have woven into my daily approach to life is what my training partner do in the gym. If either one of us suggests something then it has to be done. Coined as ‘You said it so we do it’. It’s embracing the freedom of an outcome, enjoying the potential of the unknown. It’s liberating.

Just don’t get caught in waiting for the right moment to come along. I can pretty much promise you it’s never going to arrive. We as people will always convince ourselves that aright moment will appear, normally because what we are waiting for is scary or require stepping out of our comfort zone. Sadly neither life or those opportunities will sit and wait for us, we have to go after them. Wait for nothing, seize and create opportunity. Embrace a positive life then pop your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.

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