Trust the process.


Don’t you find it so frustrating when what you want never seems to arrive? Or that you get diverted off the path you thought you needed to be on and it feels like you’re moving further from where you want to be. That can actually be the case but more often that not if you are working consistently on getting to the finish line in whatever that might be, losing weight, changing jobs, starting a family, saving for a new car or holiday. It doesn’t matter what the end goal is the fact remains the same. You have to trust the process.

What does that actually mean? Is it a term you have heard before? For me it was a term born in the gym. When I went from a gym numpty, to  a gym rat that had sorted out his nutrition and then onto a competitive bodybuilder it was a phrase I started to hear. In it’s essence in terms of bodybuilding it means while you’re doing this, while you are preparing your body for competition you will go through the full spectrum of emotions. You will look in the mirror at your body and see nothing, you will see no change, no progress or development and you will want to throw the towel in right there and then. you will be tired, snappy, aching and down hearted about not seeing what you ‘thought’ you’d see that you would happily walk away from any further plans or commitment to the cause, you would happily erase all memory of the notion of stepping on stage because right there, in that moment the mirror is telling you that you could b=never be ready for it. It’s at this point, this crossroads that I first got told to trust the process but what did it mean? Well, it means that although I’m looking at my body and it’s not doing or looking like I expected it to that doesn’t mean that it isn’t doing what it needs to be doing. You can research things until the cows come home but if you have never done something, lived or experienced something you will never truly understand it until it is real in you life. In trusting the process you are putting your belief that if you keep consistent, keep doing what you set out to do then everything will align at the end.

I suppose in a religious term it would be dubbed as blind faith. It is not blind though and the same rule applies, if the work is there, if you are dedicated, consistent and a little stubborn then it all comes together when it is supposed to. For bodybuilding it all climaxes on show day when every workout, meal, pose, sleep and stretch comes together and that transfers to every aspect of life. If you’re training for a new job the workload might seem overwhelming so you think your old job isn’t so bad, if you are trying to lose weight are the scales are stuck even though you haven’t missed a beat or you’re working on a relationship that’s in turmoil and it seems you aren’t making any moves forwards. In each and every one of those examples you will be, just because that progress isn’t visual or obvious it doesn’t mean it is not happening. Consistent work will always bring about consistent results, that is how it works. Realize that there are no short cuts, no stage presence pill or instant qualification, no such thing as fat burning foods. No other way that good old fashioned hard work then you will accept what needs to be done and get on with it.

All this does not mean you wont keep questioning the process. That is what builds character, builds true strength of character. Having belief that even though it doesn’t appear to be doing what it says on the tin, behind the scenes all is well and everything will come together at the right time. Understanding that all the planets align at the right time. Using myself as a reference point, my last couple of years have been horrific, losing my dad in what seemed like the blink of an eye, having no one to turn to about it then as I felt I was starting to make my way out of the woods my long term relationship ended. I was broken, on the floor on my knees with no clue on how to even process what was happening. It’s only looking back now that I understand the process. Now don’t get me wrong it was a horrible process but it has freed me, it has forged me into a different kind of man. The process makes you understand so much more. It’s going through these things, these ‘processes’ that build the experience we need, the tools of knowledge that we are not to fear what we go through . Knowing that you can draw strength form others and likewise offer support to those around you that may be walking a path. Coming out the other side once you have trusted the process is incredible, it’s uplifting. I as I’m sure many of you have too have walked away many times before. Told the process to sling it’s hook but once you stop doing that, once you carry it over the finishing line you level up. You see it all so differently, a bit like the matrix you just see the code. You don’t see obstructions or challenges you just accept that there is a journey ahead dusted with lessons and you get on with it. If anything you embrace it.

It is knowing that whatever you will be undertaking there will be a start, middle and end to it and you will maintain the belief that it will complete. Knowing you can and will bill capable, determined, persistent and consistent enough to achieve it. If life has taught me anything recently it is that opportunity is out there and anyone has the ability to fulfill their goals. The process will always take as long as it needs to take, no short cuts or quick fixes. take that easy or sparkly route at your own peril as all you’ll be doing is delaying the inevitable. The inevitable fact that if you want something you’re going to hard to work for it. Take a few risks along the way but make sure they are calculated risks, have a plan but be flexible to adapt as required. All of these things form the process.

No matter what you’ve been through, whatever may have broken your trust in anything else, never lose the trust in yourself and your ability to achieve what you want to. That trust in yourself that you can create whatever life you want for yourself. Trust in yourself, trust the process. Understand that when maybe it feels like things aren’t going right or the walls feel like they are closing in that if you keep true to what you’re doing that the prize and the spoils are yours for the taking.

So if you’re there, where I was, doubting if what you’re doing is worth it or if you’ll ever make it to the end. I’m telling you it is worth it, you will make it to wherever you want to be and when you do…. well, you’ll see.

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