Inspire yourself


We all need a  reason to get out of bed in the morning don’t we? Something that makes us swing our legs out and drag ourselves up into the new day. Well, we all should have that reason, a thing, a spark that makes us want to skip a lay in and try to do as much of ‘that thing’ as we can. A lot of us though seem to find ourselves in a rut. Performing the same pattern of behaviour on a daily, groundhog day like rota. A recognition with our everyday world and surroundings. A box ticking exercise until something changes? Or until its all over?

Could there be a different reality out there and what is stopping you from looking? Of course a lot of people are happy living in a loop, a nice safe place where they know whats what and what will happen and when. No bumps, no surprises. Just a nice simple existence. Now don’t get my wrong there is absolutely nothing the matter with that, life is after all about being happy, being happy without hurting anyone and you can be happy in a little bubble. But, and this is huge but..this is our life, our one ticket at making the best of everything at our disposal. A life that from the moment it is given to us continues to gather pace and momentum. From the second we start learning we crave the ability to learn more. We are sponges that seek answers, that seek out truths and understanding.

So why do we switch it off? What happens to us along the path that makes us bed down? To rest easy and be content with our lot? Again, this is a balance we should always remain content with our core needs, friends, family, love, happiness but there is too much world out there to ever be content with what we can achieve for ourselves. I mean, think of all of the things you see online, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube. The world is an incredible place with wonders to see and experience but none of that matters until you have started at square one. The very spot you are standing on. Because every journey, every single dream, every single goal starts with you. You are your own inspiration. You have it within yourself to be and achieve whatever your imagination drives you to be. Yes the higher and further you set that goal the longer it will take to realise but it’s there, it’s there for the taking. Imagine being your own inspiration, the person that drives you forwards every day is the same person looking back at you ion the mirror. There is no need to seek approval or recognition from others, what they do and think is a separate universe to wha you are doing and if you do spend time concerned over their opinions then you are not applying all of your effort into realising your goals and to do that, to realise your dreams they will need to be receiving every scrap of your efforts and attention.

Imagine the feeling of being your own competition. You versus you to improve yourself every time you wake up. With the days challenge of being a better version of you than you were yesterday. To take a step and it only needs to be a single step towards realising your goals every day. So don’t look for short cuts or giant leaps forwards, as tempting as it is to snap your fingers and everything is done but you need to travel the entire path. The highs and the lows. The set backs, rejections, crisis of confidence and the workload. it is only in the taking of this path and working through everything that comes with it that you can develop and refine yourself and your skills. Then once you arrive (and you will arrive) if you refuse to give up, if you don’t take no for an answer, you will achieve what you set out to. When you get there not only will you have done it, you will have broken through the wall that holds so many back but more importantly you will fully appreciate what it takes. Now nothing will bring fear into your realm, you will not fear a challenge or any work load. You will understand and appreciate sacrifice. My example to bolster that is from travelling my path now I can see what my parents did and sacrificed for me and my brother during the terrible recession in the 1980’s. They took every hit that life threw at them and they absorbed it so my brother and I didn’t even realise anything was different. I can it was from that point my Dad feared nothing, he knew he had it within himself to tackle and face anything in life. Even at the end, he didn’t even fear death. So although now I inspire myself, sometimes its not a bad thing to draw strength from those that have sacrificed and inspired you.

Know that when you look in the mirror the person looking straight back into your eyes can achieve anything they set their mind to. No one can tell you that you cant do something, no one has the right to tell you that or try to control the outcome of your life because it is that, your life. You are in the driver’s seat and you can take it wherever you desire but it won’t get there of its own accord. You must want and work for it. It is the same rule for anything in life.

I remember quite often seeing a post that reads “Genetics don’t get you up at 5am and get things done”. This is taken form the fitness world stating that predisposed good genetics don’t and won’t take you to the finishing line and beyond. It takes work. Those gifted to build beautiful physiques with relative ‘ease’ aren’t gifted with a fastback pass the accomplishing their dreams. In reality it is those willing to get up and put the work in regardless of if they are being told to or if they are working on their own. With everything though their are variations, I know a family that throughout their generations have genetics that are a work ethic, a willingness to do whatever needs to be done to succeed.

Stay true to what you are, accept all of what and who you are and you cannot fail. No one here has an advantage over anyone else. We all get the same time and skills. Yes there are those born into privilege but they still have to work to be what they want to be. Always keep you as your focus. When working on yourself you cannot afford distractions of not having both eyes on the road. Success requires dedication and it requires application of that dedication. Be the captain of your ship, steer it through those unchartered waters. Once in charge of your own life, once you have consciously decided that you want to make changes and make a difference to you and your world. Once that hunger has taken hold of you, you become unstoppable. You have always been unstoppable, you just need to awaken it. You can and will achieve what you want to, it doesn’t have to be a huge career change. It can be the smaller things that can be equally as important; fitting into that dress for a big occasion in the diary, studying for a new job, losing some weight, being more spiritual.

There are no limitation to  what you can do and remember, your journey is yours. Everyone is on their own pathway dealing with their own battles and challenges. Stay true to you and yours and no matter how rough he ride gets or if you suffer from a crisis of confidence remain strong and consistent and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Be your own hero, be your own inspiration and driving force. Recognise your potential and understand that life is an uncapped cauldron of opportunity that is limited only by what we invest into it. In inspiring yourself you lead by example. You show yourself that once you have set your mind to something you will not falter until you have succeeded.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Refuse to be restricted by negative thinking and seize the opportunity of living your life to the fullest.

Inspire yourself.

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