Hunger and passion.


As humans we always seem to want what is just out of our reach. If we have a certain, well calculated budget we always push ourselves to get something that little bit better. A new car, new house, it doesn’t matter what it is, we seem to have this default setting for wanting thing just beyond our current means. Is that greed? Possibly, or it that secret ingredient to being human? That compulsion to want what we cant have but can ever so nearly get if we don’t have a take away pizza every weekend. It’s funny though, well I think its funny. We rarely apply that same level of ‘greed’ to our goals. We tend to settle, we tend to allow them to just be daydreams and what if’s. The reality is though, as I have stated so many times before , nothing is beyond our means. It’s just a case of what we are willing to do to get them. It’s what we are prepared to sacrifice to get them. Goals, dreams are no different to the monthly payments on that new car but the currency isn’t pizza or wine. It is time you must sacrifice, it is time and effort you must be willing to hand over to get there. That is where we as humans fall over. We don’t want to do it, we don’t want to give up our free time to ‘maybe’ get what we want. Instead we just forgo the leather seats and just have the satnav.

The truth is, and this excludes no one, not a single person on this planet; anything and everything we want for and desire is fully achievable but heres the kicker, its not going to come quickly and its not going to come easily. Achieving your goals is a partnership between your hunger to succeed and your effort put in. Working towards your goals a marriage. A marriage that sometimes you are obsessed about, wanting to tell the entire world what you think of them and how much you want them and its also a marriage when sometimes you cant stand to look at whats in front of you and what lies ahead of you. It is a real marriage, its not sunshine and rainbows with picnics in the park 24/7 its a grind. A relentless never ending effort.

However it  is that effort and hunger that drives it forwards. Day after day. It is love, it is a true love, not a white towel hitting the canvas when the storm doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. It’s an obsession, a fire to never give up regardless of what obstructions fall before you. An obsession to succeed because that is what you took on, that is what you said you you was going to do. Everything about realising your goals mirrors a real marriage. It is born through passion, the discovery of something you can’t live without. It evolves, passion binds with knowledge and learning and becomes love, a love of what you do, who you are. As time moves forwards that love is fused with experience. Now it is an unbreakable bond as it is an understanding of all its core components.

This entity is capable of surviving anything. It is driven by that pure wanting to succeed. just as with people it isn’t easy, nothing worth fighting for is as it’s that effort in the darkest moments that push us into glory and triumph. That strength to keep going no matter what. To not accept that it cannot be done. Yes we have to accept failure along the way because that is how we craft these tools to survive, to adapt and overcome the things that can make us want to give up. That is the resounding marvel of the human species, if we want it, if we have made up our minds that nothing is going to stand in our way from getting to where we want to be then we make it happen. We refuse, stone cold refuse to accept anything but all we have set out to get. Note that those things said to stand in our way are in fact not doing that at all, they are there to make us change course. They are sign posts with instructions. Although it may not feel like they are initially when one comes up offsetting all of your plans but on reflection you will see it steered you into the direction you needed to be heading in. Once we learn that failing is the key to succeeding we begin to think and see things differently.

It is the willingness to try something with the full understanding that the initial outcome could be failure, that the feeling and result of failure may not just be once but dozens of times yet we know that each time we take a fragment of learning and improving away from it. Taking on something where failing is almost the desired outcome as it will teach us. What would happen if every single time we tried or wanted something we got it on the first attempt? I’m sure initially it would feel great but the reality is it would ultimately be hollow, it has not been earned. Look at someone that has earned their own fortune through hard work, not inherited,acquired or won but been in the trenches and earned every single penny they own. They have learned its value, you will find these are the generous people that walk among us as they know whatever they spend or give away they can earn back. Whereas how many times do you see lottery winners breezing through their winnings that fell into their lap. It’s because they don’t understand it or appreciate how it is made and pretty soon it is all gone and they don’t know how to generate more.

It’s that marriage of hunger and effort that builds us into what we want, that gives us the understanding and appreciation of what it takes and what its worth. The simplest way to describe its worth is ‘priceless’. That understanding is invaluable. Have you ever noticed that no one that has travelled that path and reached their goals wants to see others fail? It’s so easy to shoot people down or be in the wings waiting for someone to give up just to  say ‘I told you so’. What shows a pure strength is those holding out a hand and saying ‘keep going, you can do it’. Even if in them succeeding creatures direct competition for them. We should relish that competition as it makes us work harder. It makes us elevate our own games and push ourselves further.

Even if you haven’t achieved your goals support others around you that are working on theirs. Your unprovoked gestures project far and wide to your audience that you will be building along the way. You have to try, that is where it all begins. With the decision to try and the understanding that you will have to try many times until you get there. We can all succeed at whatever level we seek. It is all there for the taking. Actually no, it is there for the making. After all, this is the making of you, your story. Chapter after chapter and you get to write every single word. How exciting is that?

Once you make that decision to marry your passion and your hunger succeed, once that gear has switched inside you and you set off you feel liberated. Reborn even.

I was always taught to lead by example, and although my teacher drummed that into me over and over again I never truly got it. I felt more comfortable letting others lead, letting the journey be dictated to me but after a while (that while being many years). I realised I didn’t actually care for the story that was being written. So I picked up the pen, I sat down with a brand new notepad and I began to write. I wrote down all the things I wanted my story to be about , all the things I wanted it to include and slowly, one by one those notes, the ideas began to form a framework to what I wanted and wanted to do. Now , as you can do too, I work daily on making that story happen. I don’t rush chapters but I don’t sit back and wait for someone else to write them either. This is my story, written with my pen by my hand. Mistakes, triumphs, tears and laughter. Every part of it is now mine. My journey. Mine to push myself to achieve all I have set out to do.

I am no different to anyone else. I am happy, I am sad, I laugh and I cry. Just like you do and just like me you can take charge and start writing your story. Just read the instruction manual on hunger and passion and you’ll be good to go. Oh that’s right, there is no manual. You just have not take the plunge and you know what needs to be done and you know you can do it.

Embrace the failures, celebrate the successes. Get a good nights sleep because tomorrow is your big day..

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