Manufacture opportunity


No matter how big or grand our dreams are, no matter how hard we work there is something we’ll need to do in order to truly realise them. Now we should be, to a certain extent be locked away in our ‘labs’ honing our chosen crafts. This enables us to work to with maximum effort and the minimum level of distraction but this will only ever take you so far. It will make you ready to achieve your goals. It will allow you to develop and refine all of the skills you will need to be successful but at some point you must move things further. No one will ever notice you or what you’re doing when you’re locked away. No one will miraculously come and knock on your door and hand over that golden ticket. No one knows you are there..

To move onto the next step we have to do something that can feel a little foreign to us. It can come very naturally, those extroverts among us will from on excel but for others it may seem like a strange notion.

What we need to do in order to take our journeys forwards and realising these goals is begin to promote ourselves. Seems like a very obvious thing to do right? Well exactly, it is but the key element is the point when we begin to do this. Start too early and you may come across unsure of yourself or not ready. Come out guns blazing and unrehearsed and you can quite easily leave an air of arrogance behind you, which can be a little off putting. Finding a balance is paramount, not spending too long locked away and finding yourself stagnating and maybe overthinking and questioning if you’re ready, or pulling the trigger prematurely and not delivering everything to your full capability.

The world always tells us that opportunity comes knocking but is that what we want? This is our life and by all intents and purposes it is brief. We have to seize it, take hold of our lives with both hands and take it where we want it to go. The truth is yes, opportunity may come knocking but is that a roll of the dice you want to take? No, we move forwards, we push ourselves and in order to do that we have to ‘manufacture’ opportunity. Simply put, if you want something’s on you to make it happen. We can all sit back and say I want this, I want that but that will be where it stays unless you manufacture those chances to get there. It applies to all, you want to train to be a nurse then a hospital isn’t going to send you a letter inviting you to pop along for a taster session. You want to be a movie star then rest assured that a director won’t be beating down your door to get you to set. You have to make yourself busy and get into those auditions. Every field, every example its the same; relationship, career, diet, all the same. Its on unto generate the opportunities. My example? Well, that just happens to  be me.. I found myself at a crossroads, at an age when I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing what I wanted to do. Something that brought me happiness and as with most Gemini’s this wasn’t going to be one thing. I decided I wanted my life, my professional life to be multifaceted. I wanted to do something that made my heart full, something that I was passionate about. I was going to become a photographer and a life and wellness coach. So thats what I did. I began simply by putting all of my experience into podcasts, then this blog and hoped people would find it and connect. Guess what they did. What I do here and in my coaching is essentially putting life out in the open, its not sunshine and rainbows all the time and we are all flawed. We all make mistakes and fall over but sometimes we need to hear that it is ok to do that, but we have to get back up, we need to get back upend keep going. When you work with a coach that knows the path you get a connection, you feel the isolation fall away. So now with the help of my mentor, a Mr Laurence Swain. A genius that helped me put myself back together I have worked , trained, read, listened, studied and spoken out to make my life what i want it to be. I want to help people, as many as I can. Period. As I know first hand being lost, feeling different and scared isn’t nice, but I found and learnt a way back, and beyond.

The second prong to my new life was to be photography. In short, I got myself a decent camera, worked out how to turn it on and then started. Now as with every single profession you’re never going to be the only person out there doing it or the only person wanting to break into it but don’t view it as impossible or there is too much competition out there. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and you want competition as it will push you to work harder and all those others out there are a source of inspiration and knowledge that you can tap into. Feed off their experience.

So I was out there practising, learning and improving when someone I knew was coming to London and putting on a group seminar for her clients. I dropped her a quick message asking if I could shoot it for her and guess what, she said yes. That there is my point, the whole thing summed up. I was given some news, that gave me an idea and I proactively manufactured the opportunity. That simple, ‘oh I hear you’re doing this, I could do this for you’. The absolute worst thing that could have happened in my asking would have been her saying ‘no’, Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Think of it like this, if your fishing on the ocean with nothing on your hook everything is going to keep swimming past it not even knowing its there. You need to have that bait on it and then keep chumming the water. Generate their interest. Of course you will more than likely have to take a few hits or do a few favours and hell you may well get it completely wrong a few times but the difference will be you are out there doing it. That seminar led to another, then another, then solo shoots and now I have had the pleasure of working with musicians, professional fitness models and fashion models. I have had shoots in countries and locations I had never been to before all because I made myself do it. I generated the chances for success by putting myself  out there. At some point you have to take yourself from the ‘I’ve never done it before’ into the ‘I can and will do this’.  Do it, put yourself out there with a healthy mix of confidence and ability, and don’t be afraid to wing it once in a while. Get one of whatever it is you want to do under your belt and the next time you won’t even think twice about it.

The key is to not doubt yourself, even if you want to do something that you don’t have much experience in. The best way to change that is to go at it head on. Like me at my first shoot, I was stood there with quite literally the leading expert in the world in her field and I had to deliver. Not for her, but for me. I wanted to show myself I could do it. So I dug in, dial din and gave it my all and it worked. Do not let fear or inexperience stop you from doing anything, and you don’t have to wait for some life changing moment to come along to make you take charge of where your life is going. Luckily for me it did happen and it made me wake up. Letting me look at my life through my own eyes.

In every instance, anyone that has succeeded has done so by manufacturing their own opportunities. Generating chances and situations allowing them to display their intent. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Anything you want to do or achieve has the same rules to be applied to it.

If you want it, you are the one to make it happen.

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