Best laid plans.


Knowing what is happening and going on is nice isn’t it? It keeps everyone in the loop, everyone knows where they stand and what they’re doing. Yet sometimes, as always life trundles along and says ‘Nope, not gonna happen like that. We’re gonna do it this way now’ and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Of course being prepared, well as prepared as we can be is a great practice and we should always remain flexible and willing to adapt but sometimes those changes can have quite large knock on effects. The real key, the simplest thing to remember should your world get turned upside down at the last minute is this; It’s not what we have to deal with that is important it is how we deal with it. A problem, no matter large or small is the same. It may have varying difficulty or parameters but ultimately it is to be broken down into its component parts and addressed.

Now this can seem or feel daunting but it is always doable. The very first thing to do is look at the facts. The worst thing you can do is make a knee-jerk decision or reaction to attempt a lunge at resolution. Life doesn’t go how we intend and generally those best laid plans fall by the wayside and we find ourselves having to adapt and regroup. For example, as ever I shall use myself. Recently the sale of my house has been drawing to a climax. I was in actual touching distance then at the eleventh hour the buyer pulls out and every single plan I had lined up is in apparent tatters in the floor.

Note I say apparent tatters as the reality is when something bad happens it is our default setting to think the world is coming to an end and nothing will ever go right for you. Then, after the dust settles and the adrenalin subsides we start to see more clearly. There truly is no point in getting worked up over anything as it has happened beyond your control. How can you get into a flap about something that you have no bearing on its outcome? Now I was a little disappointed when the news broke, obviously but as always my gut was telling me there was going to be an issue with the sale and as I am so tuned in to listening to that feeling and silencing the emotional voices I was able to quickly step back and take stock. Not long after I was making arrangements to get the house ready again and back on the market.

It is training yourself to look beyond the initial news and see the facts. What has happened, what needs to be done to move past this and continue forwards? It applies to anything, not just bricks and mortar. Whatever bombshell gets dropped into your lap you apply the same calm methods of processing and then readjusting accordingly. Of course some things will naturally be and certainly feel overwhelming but everything has an answer. Now don’t get me wrong not every answer is going to be the one you want but that is when you continue to be flexible and adaptive. “So I thought this was going to be the outcome but it hasn’t panned out as I had expected so I need to work out the best way to proceed with this new set of instructions. Pretty soon you’ll be earring through whatever life throws at you. It is probably worth highlighting here that the worst thing you can do when it all hits the fan is run away or bury your head in the sand, and here’s why. Problems are stubborn and incredibly determined. Think of them like marathon runners or decathletes. No matter how much you try and run away  they will stay with you, staring straight at you or breathing on your neck. No matter how fast you try and run from them they will keep coming, almost like one of those old school horror movie villains that seem to always keep up with their intended victim. Kind of like a hare a tortoise situation. So beat them at their own game, go towards them. Yes it can be a tad scary or even an unnatural thing to do but if you are facing it you can see everything you need to. You can see what you’re dealign with, unlike the horror movie victim that just turns around sporadically and only catching odd glimpse of what’s going on until all of a sudden they turn a blind corner and go ploughing straight into the killer.

So…. the house bomb got dropped and addressed. It was far from ideal but instantly I knew it was paving the way for something better. Maybe not right now but it was putting instructions in place for something else. Then after that was labelled up and put to one side I began to look forward to other things coming up in my diary. I dropped an email to  someone confirming an appointment  I have had scheduled for around a year and low and behold it has had to be rescheduled! Some would say it never rains it pours but no not here, the weather changes each and every day and we can never get right what we’re meant to be wearing every time and we can’t dress for every possible forecast. We work with what we got at our disposal at the time and if it changes then yes, we might get a little wet or sunburned but we will be ok. So in light of that appointment shifting into next year I thought ok that week has now totally opened up for me, what can i do to utilise that time best? A few calls and emails later and some very nice things fell into place.

That is the key, see potential and seek opportunity in what initially seems negative. With that outlook and approach everything is instantly scaled down. This earth shattering events don’t necessarily have to be so. Take time, gather your thoughts, gather the facts, you don’t have to rush yourself or let anyone rush you.

So with the new revised plan now being implemented I can turn my attention back to other things. Positive things as I know there is no point in dwelling on what has happened. Decisions needed to be made so they were made and until something else comes along requiring my attention it will be left to do what it needs to do. Not a case of out of sight, out of mind but more..dealt with as far as I currently can so leave it be until further notice. Time to apply myself back into my work, training and helping all you beautiful wonders with your enquiries.

Now I have been talking about things that are quite day to day. I know buying/selling houses is big but ultimately it’s just stuff. A place filled with things. It’s not a person or a feeling, those come with us on a different level. People are where you should place your focus but that is a topic for another time. Here and now I want to try and slow the process of how you react when your best laid plans are shaken up by life. So don’t take whatever is happening personally or as a personal attack. Life doesn’t and will never discriminate in these matters. It just happens and of course it can bring about incredible happiness too. What you (we) can do to heighten this is to have our minds tuned to perceiving things as positive. We won’t get it right every time  but we will learn and improve each time we have to face something that we didn’t expect to.

Slow down, step away if you feel you need to but don’t ignore what is happening. You can tackle what life brings to your doorstep and soon, you will believe it too.

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