Human equity.

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Looking forward to the end of something may seem like a strange thing to do as life is so short, we should be absorbing every second we are here and for the line share that is exactly how I am and what I do. So many times you hear ‘nearly Friday’ or ‘no way it’s only 10AM’. Wishing time away to the end of the day or to the weekend. Thats 5 days you wish away each and every week. That’s over 70% of your week you are trying to escape from, does a 30% happy existence sound that great? Or only having30% of your time in a positive reality? We can’t see life that, how much faster do you want you life to pass by? Of course we all have to spend time doing things that we don’t necessarily want to, that’s just how it is but it can be heavily weighted the other way in that 70% and beyond of our time can be spent in the positive. It’s not an overnight change but the mentality is. It’s changing your mindset to not accepting wasting time, it’s to be more of squeezing every productive ounce from each and every single and second. Not a case of flogging yourself to death but instead it’s increasing how you use your time in a more positive and productive way. We spend this huge slab of our lives working, doesn’t it seem a little off that it’s not doing something we want to be doing?

Sometimes, we have to, we have to do some bits and bobs that we don’t want to. Life little  pic-a-mix ensures things never seem to run too smoothly for too long, or that is how it can seem even though we may well be having a nice long run of good luck and well being. This year I’ve had a few red herrings to the end of an era and the closing off of a chapter but dare i say it…. it may well now be near. A sun may well be beginning to set with the promise of a new day and new beginnings with it. Now though I think I have moved past the feeling s of excitement and anticipation and now just feel a little tired and run down. It has, in that respect been an incredibly long two years.

Life is good, life is in fact phenomenal but this..weight has taken a certain toll. It hasn’t taken a toll on my motivation or work ethic but locked in this limbo state for such a prolonged period can make you feel a little detached from things. dare I say it though it could well be over soon and it has brought into an absolute HD, 4K clarity that people need not live this way. If the end has come about for whatever reason then that end needs to be made final as quick as humanly possible. People can struggle to do the right thing or may feel that they have been short changed, deserved more and with the torrent of emotions involved they may not even see it. I believe judgements can become some what obscured when the reality of separation is on the menu. Let’s be honest, asides from death and illness it will be the most unpleasant thing in life tat we will experience. The flip side though is ultimately it will bring about huge growth of character and strength. It will teach us so many lessons about people and ourselves; and if we let it, it can make us re-evaluate everything we value and what we deem as valuable.

Value isn’t in things, stuff, possessions or belongings. It is in people, the people we know, love and trust. Those around us that rally round us in those times of need. These people are very few and far between. Very rare to find people that have that selfless approach t life, they offer their time and help without a second thought to the impact will have on their life and arrangements. I feel incredibly lucky to have an array of these people circulating my world. People from all walks of life, all different status’ in society but each one of them has a bond with me. Bonds born, developed and fused between others is something so special.

I remember a few years ago being away with some of my friends, a few days and nights of chaos and booze. My best friend and I were just in the pool mucking about and making each other crack up. To us we were just being how we are, how we always have been and will be. It wasn’t until that night when talking to another friend he said that he was just watching us in the pool, watching us totally at ease with ourselves and enjoying each others company, basking in a total freedom of emotion. He said he felt privileged to be watching it. For me that is it there, that absolutely sums it up. People are the most valuable thing you can have in your life above our core needs of family and happiness. Everything else really fades into insignificance. What good is a ten bedroom house if you can only fill it with one person, what good is a supercar if there is no-one sat next to you to go on an adventure with? These are the things, the people that you can’t fabricate, well I guess you can quite easily fill the mansion full of people you have no connection and bond with, finding and having those people that are in tune with you in your life is priceless. It actually devalues everything else, look around you and those people truly close to you. The ones that know you inside out, they know your strengths, your weaknesses, all of your flaws and all of your secrets yet not a single one of those variables matter. They are simply in your life because they want to be, because they are meant to be.

The wealth these people bring to your life out weighs any other comparable value. how can you even value this asset to something as empty as money? Money isn’t going to listen to you when you need it most, when you’re broken and feel like you are there only person in the universe. That is what people do, they help rebuild you, they listen, they speak and advise. Sometimes all they need to do is to simply just be in the same room as you.

That is what I have learnt, the value of people. It’s not a car, it’s not a pay cheque, it’s not a house. It’s an ear, a voice, a connection, a heart.

I owe so much of who I am now to a select few. People from all walks of life that helped me, they listened over and over again they answered my questions honestly and they never judged. The people in your lives that fill this criteria are amazing human beings. I know I certainly felt that I could never repay the debt of their help but they don’t ask for payment, not a payment of any description. they just want you to become happy again.

If we are lucky enough to have friends, true friends. No the ones that bitch and moan or those that talk about one another behind everyone elses backs then you are truly lucky. It goes beyond family. Family by default should always want the best for you but to have people that were once strangers in your world come in, learn about you and understand you is incredible.

Maybe after I wrap up here take a moment to check in with those special people that have helped you somewhere along your timeline. One of the biggest flaws we have as humans is regretting things we said we’d do or had time to do but for whatever reason we didn’t. just a few moments taken to let someone know you’re thinking about them or an out of the blue ‘thank you’ might just make their day.

Investing time in those around us only bares fruit, there is no downside to the continued building of bonds and depth of relationships. Of course you can want, have and work towards having nice material things if you want them but never value that over the worth of people.

Invest in those around you, as there is no greater wealth than that of human equity.

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