This is a subject I talk about a lot to a lot of people. It’s the big one for personal development, something of huge intent but also of a certain careless shooting of the breeze. It is the topic that we define as the goal we have set out to achieve. The holy grail of our quest, the grand prize that we seek and know full well will be no easy task to achieve. Quite the opposite in fact, it will more than likely  be one of if not the hardest thing we ever apply ourselves to accomplishing. What is our ‘goal’ the reason we are forever setting out on the journey to improve, strive and achieve more. What is our endgame?

Now it can be as big or as little as we’d ever want it to be bu the bottom line is if we are wanting to change our lives, if we are seeking an improvement in our worlds and in our personal development we must have a defined goal. An objective that is driving us forwards. A progression regardless of obstacles or set backs that serves as our fuel for existing, it must be our passion, our obsession. Of course this can be a very personal and private thing, something that you don’t want made public or known elsewhere. We are after all, all on our own journeys each and every day with none of us truly knowing what anyone else is going through or has to deal with. We never will know this about others  but it does seem that whole sense of generalized caring is a thing of the past. The love for our fellow man has waned and been replaced by quite a selfish culture. A culture where we communicate and interact more than ever and in so many different mediums and platforms yet the….’care’ has fallen into an after thought.

Just recently I went to gig, an old school sticky floored gig at Brixton Academy. Me and a pal went to watch Enter Shakari, for those of you not aware of them they are possibly the most eclectic and diverse band on the planet, incredible musicians that put on an amazing visual show. So we enjoyed the show that they put on for us all but for me, the resounding message of having, keeping and maintaining community among our fellow man that the whole band really drove home was something quite touching. It was certainly refreshing to hear and the ex amount of thousand fans completely absorbed the message and sentiment like sponges. It was truly an experience that resonated with me personally and spurned my wanting to talk about goals, but not is the sense of achieving your goals at all costs. More of working your ass of constantly but not at the detriment of anyone else. There is enough ambition and prize out there for each and every one of us. no one need be cast off or rubbished in the creating of their pathway to success.

If I am not working I will generally be either one of two places. In the gym or in kitchen of Jacks Meatshack begging for scraps and there straight away are two great examples of striving for success. The Shackers are passionate about what they do, passionate about food and incredibly passionate about creating the best content they can for their subscribers. They will always engage with anyone else that is working to be become successful and I think it is reflected in the company they keep, how successful they are and what grounded people they are. As a team and individually. Then we have the gym, I am a member of a few gyms but I would always call my ‘home’ gym Enfield. It is a competitors gym, housing some of the countries finest champions and athletes. Yet, it is not an inspirational place, not in the sense of self care and wellness. I train solo, headphones on and world off but I do overhear bits and bobs and although it is always the most solid advice to not pay attention to what you hear there is a resounding repitition of behaviour. A false community. Encouraging front of house then the second your back is turned talking as if their name was mud.

That is my point, don’t rely, listen or expect anything of anyone when it comes to you and your goals. Now of course you will also have genuine and kind people around you but you have to stand alone. Each and every inch of your success that you make must come from you. Every step along the path, nothing to cloud your vision or blur your intention.

Only you will ever truly know what you want to achieve, you can sit someone down for days on end trying to convey what it is you want to do, what you feel and see happening but it is not a transposable thing. Your endgame is your vision, just as it should be. You get to decide what you want to be, without exception. That is the beauty of life, it is limitless, only reduced down to what we accept we can have. There is no entitlement and no head start. We all have the ability to realise our dreams and it doesn’t have to be a public declaration of intent. As honest as I am I will never broadcast my endgame, not due to secrecy but more of…etiquette. It’s the sort of thing that doesn’t require bells and whistles as it is just me, an average man wanting to help his fellow man.

So set your sights high in the sense that you will not falter in your self appointed mission. It’s not a task nor a a job because it is your passion. That is it, apply passion to what you are doing and to what you are working towards. Be dedicated to your cause. This doesn’t have to be a career change or anything else of huge proportion. An endgame is of equal importance regardless of the goal. The work required and put in to lose weight and get into shape is equal to sitting at a desk through the night editing wedding invitations for a client. It’s not what the work is it is the application of doing the work. The premise, the rules and the rewards are the same. Success, accomplishment, fulfillment. Brace yourself for the nay-sayers and the negative Nellies they come as standard in the ‘I’m going to achieve my goals’ start pack. The key there is to ignore them, actually you ignore everyone. You will hear good and bad comments relating to what you are doing but you soldier on as if you have heard nothing at all.

Be a pillar, a column. Be a lighthouse standing alone facing and more importantly weathering all oncoming storms. Earn every single inch of progression by taking not the easy way, not the hard way but the necessary way. I have always been one for shouting my intentions from the rooftops before I had even worked out what I even needed to do. My punishment for this is the cringe worthy Facebook status’ that flash up from the on this day feature. Now I have learned that one: no one really cares what you shout from the rooftops and that; Two: No one you blurt it out to will support or encourage you beyond a token verbal gesture. yes there will be exceptions but for the majority they all talk a good support.

Be prepared for changes in how you reach your end game goal as no path follows the planned route. Be adaptive and responsive to change and revisions but never let the finished article stray from your mind. It’s an uncompromising vision full of highs and lows that makes everything doable. The twists and turns, the obstacles and obstructions all play a part in making you strong enough, rounded enough to take it over the finish line.

Keep your cards close to your chest along with your end game, let people know what you are doing but not to what end. That is your business. Be content in the knowledge you are working on you for you and the rewards, the glory when you accomplish what you set out to do will be yours. Solely and justifiably yours.


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