A million likes.


What a time to be alive, what wondrous age of advancement, incredible technology and just plain and simple out and out wonderment. We want for nothing and each and every one of us quite literally have the world in our hands. We can virtually do anything from wherever we may be sitting, standing or laying. Yet maybe we have lost sight of what we value as important, on what ha actual value. Instead of investing time into those core values our focus appears to have drifted and potentially now run a ground into a world, a need to seek the approval and acceptance of virtual strangers. In a time where we are communicating around the clock and into every corner of the globe we can reach out to so many on such a broad array of platforms. Yet we are communication less in the traditional sense, less regard for the people we have around us and interact with on a physical level.

We don’t have time for anyone now yet we turn our backs and our faces are lit up by our phone screens in a micro second. An instant standout example is how our phones cut us off from what we are doing, we have evolved to not be able to ignore them , to pounce on them immediately as a new notification flashes up. We drop everything, I’m guilty of it too, we all are. One of the rudest and most blatant examples I see is in the supermarket. We all have a little scroll as we wait for our turn but you see it every time without fail, people get to the cashier and either just carry on ‘socialising’ or their phone will ring and they will answer it, ignoring the cashier and then clumsily attempt to juggle packing their shopping whilst clamping their phone into their neck. It’s so rude, does that cashier deserve to be ignored or barked at because your attention is laying elsewhere? Why can’t that call be left and returned in literally a few minutes? I just don’t get it.

Another worrying thing is this false reality that we have grown to project. Again, I was guilty of this. I’ll always hold my hands up to anything I’m talking about and have done myself. It’s this projection of popularity that I have grown to distance myself from but it courses through our lives like a virus. We are judged or we seem to think we are being judged by what our social media status is. I hate that term social media, why does everything have to have a name? But anyway, social media is a fantastic tool, something that can bring you information you need and send out information, messages that you want it to. I myself use it heavily to bolster my work and I know many others that do the same. Some earning great salaries from what they have created on it’s own. But I have a self imposed policy where I can leave it alone at night. I have everything scheduled to post so I know where everything is. Podcast on a Sunday morning, Positive shot on a Wednesday morning, blog on Friday morning and my new podcast (Shack of geeks) goes up on Sunday afternoons. Then I just pepper in the other days with notifications to remind everyone of those posts. Sprinkle in a few wellness and self care quotes and it’s all done.

So that for me is a perfect example of using social media for a good purpose as so many do but the majority share is a false reality. Instafamous, what a word that is, a word that has been created from nothing. Again people are and will earn great salaries and become ‘celebrities’ of sorts but for me, and I only speak for myself and my opinion it’s this projection of great life style or glitz and glamour when the truth is very different. now naturally we can all do what we want to do and be what we want to be but it’s the trickle down effect. The imagery passed down to the young and impressionable doesn’t give them facts about facts about life. I know people that do this, they very much live front of house exhibiting the glitz and glamour when behind the scenes their lives are so empty. Now that isn’t a judgement or anything else like that, if they are doing what makes them happy then that’s great but I view it from the perspective of the bigger picture. From the aspect of this being our life, our one way ride, a single ticket journey and these people I know and care about just seem to have or be working towards nothing. I think this gets me so much because I could never find my direction and I didn’t have social media to distract me.

In an age when life can be so hard, the expense of living can be crippling and it will not get any better it just concerns me that people are just falling further and further behind the curve. Not pursuing careers, living almost day to day, hand to mouth and believe me that is not a nice set of variables to exist in. Not having their own home, some not even having flown the nest yet. It’s got to be worked for, all of those things and social media can so easily sap our time and efforts reducing that window of productivity. People into their thirties and beyond coasting through life or just expecting what they want to be gifted to them. Now you don’t have to have dreams of grand success or lifestyle, even a humble life requires work, application. What does the social world get you? A double tap from people you have never met and don’t care about you, don’t even know a single thing about you.

We don’t need approval from anyone about anything in life. No one needs to confirm or sanction anything you do. Just don’t waste life, that is really the only point I am making. Do the things you want to do but just make sure that it’s the best use of your time and resources as possible and that you are doing it for your own happiness. Social media is a bit of a double edged sword. I absolutely love parts of it, I love how I can spread my work to a huge audience. I love how I have ridiculous full conversations with my best friend all done with Snapchat filters and I also love how I can lose myself just browsing, looking, watching and reading nonsense to unwind. But it needs to be policed, self policed. We shouldn’t let someone else life distract us form our own and what we want to achieve.

I fell foul of this, seeking approval and acceptance to who I was and what I was doing  because quite simply, then I felt I needed that rubber stamp because I didn’t know  that self worth only came from one place. I used it as a distract-ant, it saved me from looking at myself, from looking within. Finding that inner peace but when I did, when I reset the dials it enabled me to step away. The reinvention of the new me shed a lot of layers and a lot of unneeded insecurities and it has enabled me to become hyper productive but more importantly at an absolute balanced level of being at peace with who I am. I only need the approval of one person when I do or set out to do something, me.

I don’t need a hollow existence and I refuse to let my life slip by me while I’m paying attention to someone else’s. Their lives are ticking over nicely while you could potentially be running the risk of standing still and that is not something I can entertain. Of course I’ll have a social binge from time to time but I have learnt to use it as I need it. I have a low maintenance existence. I don’t seek or need approval, I don’t need the material, I don’t need negativity and I certainly don’t need a million likes.

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