Spidey sense.


What superpower would you have? How often do you hear that or get asked it? It’s pretty often isn’t it, it’s a great little conversation starter where people come up with all kinds of things with all kinds of reasons too. Being a superhero is a dream born as children with the eternal hope that hopefully at some point in our lives we will encounter a bizarre accident that will bestow upon us this gift of powers, and what a choice we have, the ability to fly, to be super strong, invisibility, laser eyes, x-ray vision, super speed the list goes on as far as our imaginations will carry us. Little do we know that most of these powers we already have, they are certainly something we can summon when we need them. We may just not know they are there.

Strength is something measured in so many ways and I think physical strength is probably the least important. Of course it is sound practice to be strong, be in shape and healthy, that goes without saying. Having our bodies running smoothly is very important not to mention all of the mental benefits to training and physical activity. But, to be emotionally strong that is something. To be able to take and make those hard decisions that life throws at you knowing that there will ultimately be a positive outcome. Making hard decisions in the knowledge that it is the right thing to do for the situation even if its not the easiest option. Our dealing and coping with life when decisions have been made for you, when your world has been turned upside down and you have to carry on when you don’t want to and you don’t even know what direction you are meant to be heading in. Accepting change, even if it wasn’t wanted and keep moving forwards. That is the true definition of strength.

As a self confessed comic book geek and superhero fan this subject stitches in very naturally with the health and wellness mentoring I do and even more it’s relation to the Evolution of Me. The last couple of years have been one hell of a journey and just like most other peoples lives it would have made quite the movie. I’ve definitely felt like the broken guy. Out there feeling like there was nothing left, with nothing of an old life to salvage and people just taken from me. I didn’t know what to do,  had no one to talk to, or so I thought. As with the movies there was a flash of lights, a fragment of hope. After some dust settles you do begin to see, I began to see. But everything looked different like I was looking through different eyes, or as I have come to learn I was actually using my own eyes for the first time in a long long time. That was the birth of my x-ray vision. I emerged with a filter that saw through everything I didn’t want in my life from that point onwards. Which we do, life teaches us what we do and do not want and our experience helps us discover these superpowers. It’s like an upgrade whenever we have to go through something that will take it’s toll on us. Life rewards us with strengths and abilities. Level up and we get to carry it through with us for when the next thing may happen.

Just thinking about it now, each superhero power does apply and come to life when we have been traumatised. Even invisibility, just like today. I was doing some shopping getting a few bits, minding my own business when I clocked one of my ex-partners friends and with me being 6’7″ I’m not overly subtle, especially when wearing my full compression wear fresh out of the gym. So I was seen, I know this but they to me were invisible. no need to look, swerve or react in any way. I just carried on doing what I was doing. This is life and how it divides and sets people off in different directions. There’s no need to drag the past with you everywhere.

Maybe the one thing I didn’t get was super speed but I’m guessing because I wasn’t left to get on with healing and instead just constantly reminded I should be hurting. But then again would you want speed like that? All you would probably do is run away and all that does is leave everything in an ugly mess waiting for you when you get back. I suppose the rapid healing and regeneration would be handy, it would have been nice to close off those wounds quickly. Humans, people..we can endure and recover from so much and I mean beyond the physical. We can take a pounding and the miracle of the body will repair itself or if not the modern medical team will work their magic and put us back together so we are as good as new on the outside. It’s the internal damage that takes its toll. There is only one way to get through that and tat is face it all head on and ride it out. That takes time, that takes strength. All those new strengths and powers we have learned. The mind is so powerful, it can lead us to incredible glories or petrifying lows if we let it.

Maybe though, most disappointingly I already had a superpower but I did my dam hardest to ignore it. My Spidey sense was tingling. In the back of my mind it was going crazy trying to alert me that something was wrong, that something was coming my way but I chose to extinguish it. We all have Spidey sense just we package it up a little differently. We otherwise know it as our gut feeling. Make sense? Of course it does, that gut feeling, that voice trying to alert us of something untoward, that feeling that there is something not quite right somewhere. That is the single most important lesson I have learned during this whole process, to listen to what is going. To let my heart take a back seat and let my gut feeling drive from now on. The heart still gets to make a few decisions but it all has to be run past the gut first.

Spidey sense, the truest guide and the most reliable part of you that you will ever have. Strength can be summoned, speed can be relative but trusting in yourself is paramount in the upkeep of remaining and reacting in a positive way. Even when negative things are coming, a positive frame of mind is better equipped to process and deal with anything, it doesn’t matter what. Positivity trumps all. Yeah the dark side is powerful but it is truly no match for the positive energy we can create.

So if your alarm bells start going off, even if it’s in the distance don’t ignore them. Go and investigate and I guarantee you that you will find something that needs your attention and in being proactive you will be on the front foot ready to tackle whatever it is. A world of superheroes all learning how strong and how amazing they can be. Each and every day tapping into that pool of infinite possibilities. Each and every day refining their powers to make themselves as happy as they can be.

no one is excluded in that, we all have the ability to rise above anything that happens to us. We all have the strengths to get through our darkest times and face whatever villains may be out there.

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