Credit where it’s due to Overfinch – its modifying game has been stepped up recently. On the launch of the Range Rover Sport SVR back in 2015, JLR Special Operations made it clear that they were keen to give the aftermarket reduced opportunity by making the factory-built cars more outlandish. See, for example, carbon engine covers originally and then a carbon bonnet for the SVR facelift – Range Rover wanted the money spent with them, not with external companies, and offered more options for more personalisation as a result.

Overfinch’s response? Have Special Operations hold its beer, and ratchet Range Rover tuning up to a level of brashness not yet seen – welcome to the SVR Supersport. That carbon bonnet is in fact a good place to start; from the factory just a centre section is available, but the Overfinch option is a full, exposed bonnet in a “striking herringbone weave.” Indeed, customers have the choice of finishes, with crushed, satin or gloss also available. And it doesn’t end at the bonnet, with Supersport carbon on the grilles, vents, bumpers and spoilers as well.

Performance modifications include a new – carbon fibre, of course – induction system, titanium exhaust to replace the standard steel item and an upgraded eight-piston Brembo brake set up. No figures have been released by Overfinch as yet, although performance was never something that the 575hp SVR could ever be accused of lacking.

No prizes for guessing that the carbon theme continues elsewhere, with the range of 22-inch wheels (the lightest ever offered by Overfinch, no less) highlighted with the fabled fibre, alongside the interior. The launch edition Supersport seen here featured Ebony quilted leather with Chalk panelling, piping and stitching – actually a rather restrained choice by Overfinch standards.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Overfinch will make just 25 Supersports, each to the specification choice of its owner. The aim is to “ensure the finished vehicle is a personal expression”, so the sky would really appear to be the limit…

Price? Depend how close to the sky you want to get, though the car seen here is currently for sale with Overfinch for £260k Given a plain – all things being relative – SVR is £100k from the factory, and that early cars are now £60,000, that’s a lot of money to Supersport your SVR. Still, who would bet against every single one being allocated before the summer is out? Commissions are being invited now…

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