The worlds of luxury and activism are all-too-often foreign from one another. Of course, almost every brand in the world will boast that they make their wares out of reponsibly-sourced materials or boast that, because they make ‘products that last’, they’re somehow helping the environment.

But there’s very rarely any action to back up the talk. And that’s a shame, because restoring our environment is a battle that has to be fought on a systemic level, not one that rests on the shoulders of collective individuals.

The most important change comes from the top, when the world’s biggest companies act in the biggest way to ensure that every facet of consumer society is being run as sustainably as possible. Breitling recognise this, and to show that, they’ve launched a brand new take on the Superocean Heritage Divers Watch, made in partnership with Marine non-profit Ocean Conservancy, aimed at helping to bring awareness and health back to the state of our coastal areas.


The Breitling Superocean Heritage Ocean Conservancy Limited Edition (Image: Breitling)


But what have Breitling done to back their claims of eco-friendliness up? Well, suffice it to say they’ve done their share.

The dual NATO straps each watch carries are made with ECONYL® yarn material, made from recycled nylon waste — a good proportion of which comes from disused fishing nets that would otherwise wreak general havoc on marine wildlife. Even cooler, the material can actually be recycled indefinitely, ensuring it never ends up in landfill (or in this case, a beach) again.

Breitling also have a long-standing commitment to making their watches out of durable, relatively eco-friendly materials, ensuring that their long-standing effect and propensity to end up in landfill is minimal.

The watch was launched in Bali by three members of Breitling’s so called ‘Surf Squad’, which just so happens to contain three of the greatest surfers of all time. Kelly Slater and Australia’s own Steph Gilmore both participated in a probably much-needed beach clean-up to launch the watch, during which 100 people removed hundreds of kilograms of trash and plastic from one of the island’s most celebrated stretches of coastline.

 “I always say – and I believe that I can speak on behalf of the entire Surfers Squad – that beaches are, in effect, our offices,” said Slater.

“What we have seen here and on beaches and in oceans around the world is shocking, and I would like to thank Breitling and Ocean Conservancy for their shared fight against plastic pollution. Everyone can contribute to a cleaner environment – for ourselves and for future generations.”

The Breitling Superocean Heritage Ocean Conservancy Limited Edition is available now at Breitling Sydney and select retailers for $8,390. It’s limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide.



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