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When lads born after the millennium are starting in the Premier League, it’s time to accept that maybe, just maybe, there’s a small chance, you might not be a footballer after all. But the one thing that the everyday man and Messi have in common is that they both wear Adidas Nemeziz boots.

The older we get, the harder it is to daydream about scoring that last minute winner in the FA Cup final, but one thing we do hold on to is being able to emulate our heroes, their footwear at least

Football boots have come on a lot since the days when the game was played by moustached men with hair that wouldn’t look amiss on Game of Thrones.

Nowadays the selection and science involved in football boots is at an all time high, with boots designed to be ultra lightweight to make you swift as the wind, or soft on the bridge so you can control a ball from the sky as if your feet were made of glue.

We’ve rounded up the best boots on the market to give you the best bang for your boot.

Adidas Nemeziz 18+: £222.95, Adidas

We start with what the best of the best wear. Yeah, sure, of course Lionel Messi has his own customised pair – but he is indeed the posterboy of Adidas’ N​emeziz range. These are game changing boots for a game changing player – the highlight of the N​emeziz boot is its laceless construction which allows for greater movement. The agility weave forefoot grants an imperious touch on the ball, while the lightweight Torison Frame outsole – designed to support the midfoot to avoid straining the arch – keeps you explosive on frozen late winter pitches whilst minimising injury.

Nike CR7 Superfly​ 6: £184.97, Nike

Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, this ultra-lightweight shoe is perfect for agile wingers. The flyknit upper is designed to wrap your foot like a second skin, allowing you to twist and turn through defences with freedom. The anti-clog sole provides responsive traction on the muddiest of midwinter pitches without compromising on movement. Plus, who isn’t scared of a winger in orange boots?

Adidas Copa Mundial: £219.95, Adidas

A shoe with a special place in history. The Copa boots have been sported by some of the greatest the game has ever seen: from the fleet-footed Zidane​ and golden balls Beckham, to the instinctive Lampard and the Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer. An integrated X-ray vamp cage gives the player ultimate control, for all you midfield generals out there.

Puma One 1: £126, Puma

The Puma one shoe has scored goals in the biggest games, having been donned by the likes of Man City frontman Sergio Agüero. The foam midsole provides advanced cushioning and comfort to keep you running from the first whistle until the last. The shoe is breathable and light with a sock-like feel, while the soft leather upper gives you advanced touch on the ball.

Adidas Predator 19+: £229.95, Adidas

The Predator boot has come a long way since being masterminded by ex-Liverpool player Craig Johnston, this is perhaps its most powerful edition yet. The Controlskin upper will have the sidelines confusing you with Bergkamp and the Purecut laceless sock means there’s no pesky intervention between you and that perfectly clean strike.


Nike Phantom Vision: £239.95, Nike

Worn by Belgian maestro Kevin De Bruyne, the Phantom Vision shoe is perfect for the footballer that likes to pivot and play, designed to give you movement and power. The Ghost lace technology is covered with flyknit material in order to give a wider strike zone and in turn maximise your technique. With three loops either side, the fit is easily adjustable and can be as snug as you like.


Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite FG: £189.95, Nike

An iconic boot made iconic by an iconic player – Ronaldinho. The first YouTube video to hit a million views was a Nike advert starring the buck toothed Brazilian and amateur footballers worldwide have sought after his boots ever since. The modern Tiempos have a super soft natural feel due to the use of kangaroo leather and help make your strike clean as a whistle. A great selling point for the Tiempos is that they require next to no breaking in – you can keep those plasters in the cupboard.


Puma Future 2.1: £133, Puma

World Cup winning forward Antoine Griezmann has donned these boots for some of his most crucial goals. Smartly placed conical and bladed studs are reactive and offer impressive movement for the nippy forward. The knitted ankle sock fit provides much-needed support for one of the most injury prone areas of the body. To top it all off, there’s a number of bold colourways to make you stand out, even if your play doesn’t.


New Balance Tekela Pro: £180, New Balance

Designed with a focus on speed and maneuverability, the Tekela Pro is the New Balance’s most impressive foray into the soccer cleat market yet. The employment of an elasticated mesh collar keeps your foot rigidly in place without being uncomfortable, this gives the player great natural movement. The use of their own Kinetic Stitch technology gives the player great control and precision, acting almost like sandpaper in its grip.


Mizuno Morelia Neo II: £208, Pro Direct Soccer

This inclusion will come as no surprise to footballing hipsters, those few that are already aware of the Japanese firm that are only just emerging on European football shores. The cult following is entirely justified with the ultra light leather feeling like a second skin. These boots are ultra durable due to the Scotchgarding during the tanning process. Pick up a pair and be the coolest alternative footballer down at the five a side.

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