Technology is what drives and supports businesses today, from apps that enable communications to smart conference tables that allow anyone at a meeting to share their screen with the press of a button. Here are seven tech tools that will turn your office into a modern digital masterpiece. 

Office automation control system

Homes and buildings are becoming “smart” with automation systems that control the heating, lighting, air conditioning, and so on. Now offices can benefit from the same types of technology. With an office automation system, you can control every aspect of your office environment right from your iPad. Some systems even have built-in sensors that can adjust the environment based on the number of people in the office. This allows you to provide the optimum working environment for your employees while also saving you money on energy. A win-win! 

Personalized lighting system

While an office automation control system can adjust resources based on the number of occupants, it doesn’t take into account who those occupants are. But the “who” is important, particularly when it comes to age. Research shows that older people need significantly more light than younger people to see the same detail. And suboptimal lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches, and other problems that affect productivity. Personalized lighting systems allow you to control the overhead lighting in your immediate environment via a smartphone app. Not only can you raise or dim the lights with the press of a button, but the app remembers your preferences and automatically adjusts the lighting when you move to a different workspace. 

Visitor management system

Visitor management systems have become staples of modern digital offices. In offices without receptionists, visitor management systems expedite the visitor check-in system while also reducing the number of interruptions caused by guests and deliveries. In offices with receptionists, visitor management systems replace old-fashioned sign-in sheets and enhance security by keeping a record of everyone who goes in and out of the office. They also save you money. 

Connected chairs

Modern office workspaces are all about choice. Many companies outfit their spaces with regular desks, standing desks, couches, and bean bag chairs, so employees can choose where they work at every moment. For maximum productivity, however, your workspace needs to be both comfortable and functional. Well, it hardly gets any more comfortable and functional than this: an office chair that sports an electrical outlet and USB ports. It even has a flip-up privacy panel, so a single work area can provide opportunities for both interaction and privacy, depending on the employee’s needs. A couch version is also available. 

Treadmill desks

Standing desks are so last year! Walking is much better for getting those creative juices flowing, and studies link using treadmill desks to improved memory and concentration, attention to detail, and increased productivity. As a bonus, you get some great exercise. 

3D printer

If your company sells any type of physical product, the benefits of 3D printing are clear: rapid prototyping, infinite opportunities for customization, and so on. But even software and service companies can benefit from having the ability to create literally any product on demand. The possibilities of this technology for offices are just starting to be discovered — check out these ten 3D printing office hacks from CEL-Robox CEO Chris Elsworthy. 


Finally, this list would be incomplete without a software tool. Zapier is the ultimate office software, because what it does is allow you to connect all of the other apps you use and automate workflows and communication between them. For example, you can automatically post updates to social media when you publish blogs or add products to your online store; you can automatically add new customers to email lists, Twitter lists, and CRMs; you can automatically share content using Google Docs, Feedly, Buffer, Evernote — and these are just a few examples. Zapier integrates with more than 500 apps and is adding more all of the time. Want more tech tools? Check out our free ebook on tools to boost your office productivity.

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