Arguably one of the most important pieces of kit, here’s how to get it right.

best running socks

Whether you’re training for a marathon or your first mile, as a runner, looking after your feet is a must. Whilst everyone will tell you all about the importance of finding the right pair of running shoes for you, it’s often easy to forget socks. Yet, like shoes, a bad pair of running socks will still give you blisters and a good pair will offer extra protection where you need it most.


What to look for when buying running socks:

No, when it comes to running those old trainer socks will not do the trick, when it comes to finding a good pair of socks for running, there are a few important things to look out for:

1. Like the clothes you run in, your socks should be made from a breathable, quick-drying fabric to keep your feet dry as you clock up the miles.
2. Most running socks will offer extra padding in the areas of the foot that take the most impact when you’re running – think your toes, heels and arch. This is why, unlike everyday socks, running socks will have a right and a left foot.
3. Optional extras to look out for include compression technology and special fabrics that can help stop your socks from smelling, no matter how much you sweat.

What size should my running socks be?

As a general rule, your running socks should be the same size as your running shoes – socks that are too big or too small will cause blisters. If a brand sells socks in small, medium and large sizes, be sure to check the size guidelines.

What are compression socks and when should I wear them?

Compression kit is designed to help you move faster when you’re running and recover faster afterwards. They work by improving the rate that your body pumps waste-ridden blood out from your legs and nutrient-rich blood in; this reduces the amount of lactic acid building up. Whilst the research supporting the use of compression socks whilst running is a little ambiguous, their recovery benefits are well documented.

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