It’s been said in some quarters that this is the decade of the trainer – but ultra-elegant bad boy brogues, which are just the right mix of smart and casual, would beg to differ…

Though the last few years have been all about wearing running trainers, badminton sneakers and tennis shoes in both formal and more casual contexts, now – smarter shoes are making a return.

It’s a shift which comes in tandem with a general return to elegance on the world’s runways – from the fluid double breasted suits by Kim Jones at Dior, to the streetwear-inspired tailored two pieces at Louis Vuitton, dressing up has never been more, well, dope.

If a full dress suit with spats is perhaps a step too far, we’d advise breaking yourself in gently with a pair of elegant-yet-serviceable brogues. Defined by the perforated decoration around the upper of a shoe’s visible edges, it’s possible to get Derby brogues, Oxford brogues and even monk brogues, meaning they’re among the most adaptable shoes you can have in your footwear arsenal.

What’s more, a good pair of brogues will elegantly bridge that gap between smart and casual which a trainer, quite simply, cannot. A pair of low slung black brogues with a black suit will look elegant and work-ready. a pair of triple-welted tan brogues, on the other hand will look great worn with jeans.

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