Sometimes all you want, nay, need is a nice, juicy steak – but nothing burns a hole in your pocket quite like a slab of red meat. That’s why we, the Secret London team, have selected all of our favourite steak restaurants that will satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.


I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this place – it’s at the top of the list for a reason. Amazing service, amazing desserts (order the pavlova for a surprise) and it’s the first place my boyfriend and I decided we liked olives (trust me, that speaks volumes). But that’s without even mentioning the steak. Hoooooooly cow, the steak! I’m not sure how to describe it besides “perfection”! You can expect to pay £13-15 for a regular steak, or up to £29 for the larger cuts (unless you’re sharing a 2kg Bavette, in which case that’s £110). Oh and heads up: on Mondays, Arlo’s goes meat free. And that’s not free of meat… that’s free meat. Yep, that’s right, you’ll get a Bavette steak on the house! I told you you’d like this place…

Arlo’s have two restaurants in south London. Find your nearest one here

Beef & Brew is a firm favourite in Kentish Town, and they’ve just opened up a second restaurant in Haggerston, where they continue to serve up top quality, grass-fed beef. Their steaks are dipped in beef dripping before being quickly chargrilled, meaning they are just as dreamy as they sound. Pair that with a craft brew and some of their equally dreamy sides – which include smoked aubergine with honey and miso and sweet potato with coconut yoghurt and spices (that latter one is an absolute dream). Trust us, it’s up there with the very best. ?

Find Beef & Brew in Kentish Town and Haggerston. 

Mac & Wild

London’s favourite Scottish restaurant does a bloody fantastic steak (‘scuse the pun). Starting at just £9 per 100g, you really can’t go wrong at Mac & Wild. In the interest of transparency, the menu will tell you exactly where this week’s meat was shot, who it was shot by and who the butcher was. Each cut also comes with a specific whisky pairing recommendation, and the sides – oh, don’t even get me started on the sides. I’m drooling over the Truffle Mushroom Mac & Cheese, but there’s also Haggis Mac & Cheese, Wilderness Chips with lager and whisky sauce, crispy shallots and candied bacon, and Dirty Buttery Mash. Yes, this could very well be heaven.

🔥 HOT DEAL: Get a three course meal and a drink for just £28!

You’ll find Mac & Wild in the City and Fitzrovia. 

Jones Family Kitchen

Nestled within the hidden gem that is Eccleston Yards, this lovely restaurant opened back in May 2018, sister to the Jones Family Project in Shoreditch. It’s since become known for its premium cuts of meat cooked on Josper grills — but it’s excellent in so many other ways, too! The cocktails were incredible (I recommend the Sweet Ride in particular), the starters were insane (try the Tamworth Pork Belly & Seared Scallops), and not to mention the gorgeous alfresco setting! That said, the fillet steak was a definite highlight – cooked medium rare (duh) and paired with truffle fries and peppercorn sauce. Jones Family Kitchen is definitely a must-visit.

Find Jones Family Kitchen at 7-8 Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, SW1W 9AZ. 


As the long-reigning Kings of Red Meat, Hawksmoor is the best place to go if you’re a raging carnivore. Of course you could go for something off their teeny tiny menu titled ‘The Rest’ but, unless you have a bloody good excuse, you’d frankly be wrong to pass on the beef.

You’ll find Hawksmoor in various locations across London. 


When we think of dark horses, we don’t think of Mexico in the World Cup, we think of this big ole’ 700g Rib Eye sharing steak with the juiciest tomatoes you ever did see. Seriously, find someone you’re willing to share with, grab yourself some tasty sides – we recommend the rosemary and garlic roasties – and a nice bottle of red, and you’re in for an absolute treat. Read more about Darkhorse here (and yes, thank you, the title is hilarious).

You’ll find Darkhorse at 16 Victory Parade, East Village, Stratford, E20 1FS. 

Flat Iron

Flat Iron is the perfect answer to “Where can I get a decent steak in London without spending my life’s wages?” At Flat Iron you’ll pay £11. FOR STEAK. And not even a crappy may-as-well-have-gone-to-Wetherspoons kind of steak… we’re talking proper meaty if-you-ask-for-well-done-you’re-offending-us kind of steak. Okay so you might want some chips or some greenery on the side, but you’re paying £11 for the steak. Okay, okay, we’ll stop going on about it. But seriously, go here. There’s free popcorn (and even that’s meaty).

You’ll find Flat Iron in various locations across London.


When there’s only one dish on the menu, you know it’s going to be good. In this instance, all you do is tell them how you like your steak cooked and you’ll be presented with steak et frites, which will come with their famous sauce. Ooh la freaking la.

You’ll find L’Entrecôte in various locations across London. 

The Grill on the Market

When you arrive at The Grill on the Market, you know there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be tucking into a steak at some point during your visit – but nothing can prepare you for the magic to follow. Gloriously tender steak, best paired with creamy mash or crispy fries. Try out their premium steaks: English Galician Sirloin (340g) cut from retired British dairy cows that lived a long life chomping on luscious green grass, or the Australian Aberdeen Black Fillet (287g), a top quality steak with a “unique tenderness” that you will bow down to for the rest of your goddam life. Read more about The Grill on the Market here.

You’l find The Grill on the Market at 2-3 West Smithfield, near Farringdon, EC1A 9JX. 


A solid favourite in the book of Best London Eateries For Meat Lovers By Meat Lovers (or at least it would be if that actually existed). Although the steak alone is excellent, I recommend going for the ‘All In’. You’ll get a selection of pre-chop bites, followed by a juicy pile (yes, literally) of beef, lamb and pork. On top of that (no, not literally) you get two sides; choosing from beef dripping chips, ash-roasted sweet potato, or a bunch of other fancy green stuff. Here’s what happened when we went to the launch of their City restaurant.

You’ll find Blacklock in Soho, the City and Shoreditch. 

Santa Maria Del Sur

When it comes to steak, you’re always in pretty safe hands at an Argentinian restaurant. At Santa Maria Del Sur you’re guaranteed excellent service, a buzzing atmosphere, and melt-in-the-mouth beef. Gordon Ramsey even visited and there wasn’t any swearing – except maybe “that was really f*cking good” – so that’s got to say a lot, right?

You’ll find Santa Maria Del Sur at 129 Queenstown Rd, SW8 3RH. 


If you strike up a conversation about steak in London, Gaucho is bound to get a mention. Renowned for its fantastic meat and wine combo, Gaucho is the true taste of Argentina. It’s maybe not the cheapest in this list, but worth it for a special occasion.

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