Facts about the Shard.

It dominates London’s skyline, and any building as tall as The Shard is bound to be full of facts, trivia and record-breaking statistics…

1. It’s actually the tallest building in Western Europe

The Shard, at 306 metres tall, briefly held the top spot for the whole of Europe before two buildings in Moscow overtook it within a year!

2. Six women climbed to the top of the building’s exterior in July 2013

The Shard was the setting for a Greenpeace protest in July 2013, aiming to draw attention to oil company Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.

3. Construction workers found a fox near the top

The fox, nicknamed Romeo by staff, was found on the 72nd storey and is believed to have survived on food left by construction workers.

4. The Shard is made up of 11,000 glass panels on its exterior

The building is named as it is modelled on a shard of glass, and its 11,000 panels have a total area of 56,000 square metres.

5. It hosts what might just be the ultimate penthouse

The enormous apartment is 224m high, covers two floors, has been compared in size to a seven-bedroom mansion and has a reported price tag of £50 million (US $77 million).

6. Diners with a head for heights can choose from three restaurants

On floors 31 to 33, diners have the choice of the New York grill-inspired menu of Oblix, the northern Chinese cuisine of Hutong and the contemporary British fare of Aqua Shard.

7. You can enjoy the view when in the restroom, 244m above London

If you’ve ever wanted to answer a call of nature while enjoying a commanding aerial view of the City of London through floor-to-ceiling windows, then The View from The Shard is the visitor attraction for you.

8. The viewing platform is actually three floors

The viewing area is on floors 68, 69 and 72. Floor 68 is home to Cloudscape, a feature about the different types of clouds over London. Floor 69 hosts interactive telescopes, while floor 72 is open to the elements.

9. The average lift speed is 6 metres per second

Though the lifts are very smooth and entertain passengers with video ceiling panels, bring some chewing gum in case your ears pop!

10. You can save £5 per ticket for The View from The Shard, when you book in advance with the VisitBritain Shop

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