As weeks go we’ve seen a few bits and pieces flying around. With no need and wanting to go anywhere the ever blossoming global embarrassment of Brexit I want to talk about things a little more at ground level. So firstly it gives me great pleasure to announce the expansion of the Manpedia Group with the imminent launch of Womanpedia. As the name suggests this will be the wing dedicated to the ladies out there and will feature guides, tips and advice on beauty, wellness, fitness, food & drink and developing and growing a healthy lifestyle. So naturally I now need to get your to steer your respective better halves over to @womanpediauk for a like and follow. On that note, thank you and welcome to all our new followers. I hope you’re enjoying the content and we are close to a slight change in how and what we present to you as I look at options in overhauling to website so each arm of the group can be accessed from one place. Which is of course the whole point of Manpedia and its counterparts.

4096x2160 Seamless Loop Animation

There will be a podcast heading Manpedia’s way called Shack of Geeks where we discuss all things movie, comic, superhero and well, you catch the drift. A second podcast called The Evolution of Me is going to be introduced into your content feed that will cover general wellness and wellbeing, self-care and be host to a series of interviews. Both feeds will be able to be subscribed to independently on pretty much all major podcast platforms.

On Thursday I attended a wonderful evening at the hands of the incredibly talented and innovative Gingerline in London’s Hoxton. As with all things Gingerline my lips have to remain relatively sealed but I can say the ‘Chambers’ evening was incredible and I advise  anyone that can go to try and obtain some tickets. Gingerline combine eclectic dining with theatre to create such a unique dining experience but the key to their ongoing success is how it is kept under wraps so not to spoil the experience for new diners.

I have been reacquainting myself with the guitar again it attempt to convince myself that there could be another gig or two in me and using that as an excuse to try and get my daughter a drum kit! Lets see how that goes down…

Then I have dusted off the tools, rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in to a huge project indoors to repair the bank of the brook that passes through my garden. Now I’m walking like a 180 year old man. Don’t be surprised to see a post or two about recovery and getting a team of builders in to do a job instead of going at it single handed!

To round off, with the Joker movie edging ever closer there is something very good to be looking forward to just around the corner. A DC movie with the apparent decency to maybe take us into a new dawn of movies from the comic powerhouse as Marvel’s phase 4 edges closer..

Enjoy your weeks and look after each other,



As I have been composing this I have had a 90’s rock playlist running, I need to share this absolute gem with you from Temple of the Dog. A project that fused together members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Hear Chris Cornel in his staggering glory. For those of you who know, enjoy. For those of you that don’t… you soon will.

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