Every generation says it, it appears to be a problem that remains linear to our existence. The world is becoming quite simply not a nice place to live.

All of the phrases get spun, the worlds gone mad, not in my day etc but I think truth be told this is just life. Humans, for the line share are selfish. We want what we want and can quite easily overlook the thoughts or needs of our fellow man. Now of course this isn’t to say that humans aren’t amazing and among us they are incredible people doing incredible things which is really what I wanted to raise this week.

Protests, war, sham politics, you name it something will be dominating the headlines that just plain makes you sad. Then a glimmer of hope broke through to the surface when I saw this:

We are all entitled to protest if we feel wronged or our human rights have been in some way muted. But this shows how you can have a voice and still do the right thing.

I hear of people being spat in the face because they are wearing a certain coat, commuters halted from earning their wages, road blocks affecting thousands. Think about the message you are trying to vocalise rather than causing outright disruption.

Take the protesters of the jubilee line. We all watched as regular folk dragged them off the trains and proceeded to beat them. This blew my mind, people beating on people for no reason other than they were 4 minutes late. Yes, remove them then go about your business.

The bus drivers in Japan exercised a masterclass in protesting and hurting the body that needed to pay attention. Literally no one else suffered at the hands of those drivers apart from the company it was aimed at. And how much extra respect did that raise for the cause and the people doing that job? Exactly, think about how to make your point, how to be heard and be effective.

Life can be tough enough for all of us at times, let’s not go out of our ways to heighten that.


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