It’s never been lost on my how important good friends are and I consider myself very lucky to have the friends that I do.

We all have ‘friends’ but there is always those that are more than that, people with a deeper connection and stronger purpose. This is usually and should be a small circle, a core of friends that know you, understand you and taking all that into consideration still tolerate having you around!

Speaking for myself and with my friends, I love them. We all bring something different to the table but are all on exactly the same page. It doesn’t matter how many times we reminisce about a thing, it doesn’t matter what the passage of time has been since we saw each other it just picks up instantly from where we left off. From prepubescent boys, through our teenage years, sailing through our twenties and thirties and currently coasting through our forties nothing gets old, no one falls out or argues. All we want is to have a laugh and know that everyone else is happy in their lives. That’s maybe why is seems to be a winning formula. There’s no drama, no spite or jealousy just a few guys enjoying their lives together.

Heck it’s even why I started MANPEDIA, so hopefully we can build a professional life together too, seeing the world and experiencing as much as we can.

It’s these times, the nights out, the trips away, the gigs, the meals, when we catch up and spend the night belly laughing it really makes me thankful for those around me. It’s testament to the pros of keeping your circle small.

So as the week goes, it’s been nice to be reminded of the kind and genuine people around me. It’s been a week of family visits, photography trips and just quite simply good times.

It’s been a welcome reminder that while the world we love in seems to spiral further out of control that the simple things can make it all wash away in a heartbeat.


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