The holidays are here again, and that means making memories with family, delicious food…and presents! Lots and lots of presents. If you ask your kids, that’s probably the most important part—and that’s why hiding Christmas gifts from prying young eyes isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, where do you hide your children’s Christmas presents? Try a few of these nine hiding spots and keep your gifts a secret until Santa arrives.

In the Attic or Basement

You know your closet tops your kids’ list of best places to look for Christmas presents. You can switch it up without too much effort, though: throw them for a loop by choosing a spot that’s a little less ordinary. Head upstairs to the attic, downstairs to the basement, or even out to the garage.

No matter which hiding place you choose, you’ll want to hide Christmas presents in plain boxes, just like the others you have in the space. Bonus points if you write something misleading on the side of the box. “Insurance forms” should do the trick.

In a Suitcase

Suitcases and duffel bags make great storage containers in any season, but they’re also useful for hiding gifts. If you have empty luggage around the house, put it to good use this holiday season. Large suitcases are great for hiding bigger items, and hard-case luggage can hold delicate items.

Just make sure that you don’t stash presents in luggage that you intend to use for holiday travel. You might end up revealing surprises before Christmas vacation even starts!

In a Drawer of Unmentionables

If your kids are like most, there are some places they simply won’t check. For many, these off-limits spots include underwear drawers and places where you store unmentionables. These are great places to hide money and other small Christmas gifts, and the kids will be none the wiser.

In Your Kids’ Bedrooms

child behind a stack of Christmas presents

Image via Shutterstock

This is certainly a creative way to hide presents, but hear us out. Curious kids tend to have a few go-to spots where they search for hidden Christmas gifts every holiday season. These often include obvious places like under their parents’ beds and in their parents’ closets. Most kids stop short of searching in their own rooms, though.

Catch them off guard by hiding carefully camouflaged gifts under their bed or in their closet. Try to refrain from asking them to clean their rooms right before Christmas, and they’ll never know just how close their gifts are.

In the Trunk

Fact: Nosy family members are more likely to go searching for presents while you’re out of the house. So why not take the presents with you? Rather than packing them up in a tote bag, hide the gifts in your trunk so they’re always with you when you leave. Be sure to close the trunk cover or place a blanket over your festive bags and boxes to keep curious eyes at bay.

With the Cleaning Supplies

The best ideas for hiding Christmas presents involve stuff your kids hate doing, and getting them to clean the house isn’t easy any time of year. During the holiday season, however, you can use their disinterest to your advantage. Hide your presents in a nondescript box and tuck everything away behind the vacuum and the bottles of spray cleaner. Stack a few dust cloths or clean sponges on top of the gifts, and you can rest assured that no one will touch them until Christmas.

With the Laundry

Like cleaning supplies, most kids will readily ignore both clean and dirty laundry. Place your stash of gifts in a clean garbage bag and hide everything away at the bottom of the laundry hamper. If you really plan ahead, you can buy a new hamper before Christmas season, making sure it’s a large size and that you can’t see into it. That style will hold even more presents.

In Plain Sight

If your kids are used to searching for hidden Christmas gifts in odd places, try something different this year. Hide your stash of gifts in an obvious place, but make the presents look much less interesting than they really are. Appliance boxes are great for this purpose: Make your kids’ new video game system look like a blender, and they’ll never peek. Just stack it on the shelf next to the other appliances, and rest assured your secret is safe.

In a Storage Unit

Storage units are useful in many situations over the holidays. Whether your kids are particularly persistent in their search for hidden gifts, or you just have a lengthy Christmas list and will need a lot of space for hiding presents, renting a mini-storage unit could be the perfect solution.

What if you’re wondering how to hide a big present? Storage units are ideal in this situation as well. With month-to-month lease terms, units of all sizes, and convenient locations, this is a solution that will give you peace of mind throughout the holiday season.

Stop racking your brain trying to find ideas for hiding Christmas gifts. Follow our tips and your surprise Christmas presents will stay that way this year. Just remember to file away a few of these ideas for next year so you can keep your kids guessing every holiday season.

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