The first day of summer is here and it’s probably a little different to how we were expecting it to be.

Still, making these simple sacrifices in the short term to help and protect those around you is not a big ask in the grand scheme of things. Personally, aside from early morning runs, I haven’t stepped outside my house for two weeks. Im not saying that as a ‘look at me and my efforts’ but more highlighting that just your own individual efforts can make huge differences to the numbers of people that this pandemic will effect dramatically. Removing myself from the daily grind has taken a fair slice of interactions off the board. Four trains a day, all the stations and platforms of people, no meetings or inspections, no gym visits and shopping trips to a bare minimum. Just these changes will help everyone and the better we do it the quicker this will all be over for us all.

As an individual it hasn’t overly impacted me and my lifestyle. It’s more adaption to the circumstances, for example there’s no gym facility so I train indoors, yes with limited equipment but this is how it is so adjust your nutrition accordingly. Although I do have some additional timber to shift now.

I am noting that time has become very linear. Weekdays and weekends are starting to blur and because I’m working solely at home I’m working for longer with fewer breaks (none actually). I’m mindful of this so I make sure the weekend days I do things very different to work hours.

Don’t allow this time on your hands to become your enemy, utilise it. Read books, enrol in some online course, learn new skills. You have to keep your mind focused and active, this will be the key to surviving this lockdown period as best we can. Keep a diary of what you’re thinking and feeling and make sure you stay in contact with those important to you as t he y may not be doing so well. Communication is key here, key to our own and our loved ones well being. That’s not to say if you’re having a tough day you can’t scream out your frustrations at the top of your lungs. That’s equally as healthy.

So, enjoy our current unique summer arrangements and remember, it won’t be long until we’re packing our cases again for some more traditional well earned space and down time.

Stay safe, stay busy. SD

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