Edging towards 9 weeks of personal lockdown certain things have been made very clear throughout this time. In fact they are probably things that were always very evident but, this extended period of away time from each other certainly brings a lot of thought processing to the forefront.

That is not a claim to over-thinking, it is one if realistic thinking. I returned from my winter break with a very clear vision in my mind to how the rest of my life was to be. A defined clarity that I had never experienced before. Always one for ideas and ventures, this time everything was refined. A direction set out in 4K crystal clear realisation.

Obviously the current environment we are all as a planet are experiencing has some what jarred momentum but the goal remains the same nonetheless. Meetings of creative minds and the desire to leave a mark on this world are more at the forefront of my world than ever. In these eight plus weeks I have spoken to people that are scattered across the globe, the creative future is incredibly bright.

We are currently in a place where all that can be moved to one side, this is a time for basic communication. A time to make sure those important to us are ok. It’s here where I have been touched the most. People from different pockets of my life making personal efforts to check on my well being, my mindset and health. The fact that these are the people that I wouldn’t have expected to step into the light makes it all the more special, pair that to those expected to do the same have fallen by the wayside. Life is nothing short of surprises. Still, doors remain open. I just don’t feel obliged to go knocking anymore.

So be it new roots in Italy, Australia or Singapore. I know that a creative future is the pathway before me. I’m glad all those close to me appear to be ok and dealing with things well, in their own way. So if you’re dreaming of horse riding, visiting loved ones or just once more feeling that skin on skin interaction then I hope those missing elements return to you all safely and swiftly.

Work as hard as you can for the things you want, but don’t be a fool to how you use your time. It won’t happen tomorrow, it won’t happen the day after but each step taken towards whatever you want will never be a day wasted.


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