Edging towards 9 weeks of personal lockdown certain things have been made very clear throughout this time. In fact they are probably things that were always very evident but, this extended period of away time from each other certainly brings a lot of thought processing to the forefront. That is not a claim to over-thinking, it is one if realistic thinking. I returned from my winter break with a very clear vision in my mind to how the rest of my life was to be. A defined clarity that I had never experienced before. Always one for ideas and ventures, … Continue reading MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY BUSY


The first day of summer is here and it’s probably a little different to how we were expecting it to be. Still, making these simple sacrifices in the short term to help and protect those around you is not a big ask in the grand scheme of things. Personally, aside from early morning runs, I haven’t stepped outside my house for two weeks. Im not saying that as a ‘look at me and my efforts’ but more highlighting that just your own individual efforts can make huge differences to the numbers of people that this pandemic will effect dramatically. Removing … Continue reading 1ST DAY OF SUMMER


We all think we’re bulletproof, we all think that if we should contract this virus then we will more than likely just get over it in a few days. To all intents and purposes that is probably accurate, we will get over it.The thing is, this isn’t about us. This is about those around us. The people in our lives that this particular period of time could have a profound impact on.We are being asked to take personal measures to help others. That to date, is currently where we are letting ourselves down.No one will starve, no one will lose … Continue reading TIMES OF CORONA


A world gone mad. How many times have we heard that phrase? It has turned into a little bit of a ‘boy cries wolf’ situation hasn’t it. Yet here we go again, a new virus meandering through the world making headlines by the hour. Note I say meandering and not something like tearing or racing. This is a slow burn, the early figures in itself indicate that. I get that the government have to be over cautious. If they down play something and it turns out be a lot worse there will be lynchings. I for one actually think the … Continue reading CORONA VIRUS 101


It has finally arrived, Christmas week is officially here and I am now starting the wind down ahead of picking the baton back up in January and seeing what we can do with the good ship MANPEDIA. I’ve been learning that keeping your head down and cracking on is without question the most effective way to make progress. No Bells or whistles, screaming for attention or setting up platforms of ill conceived notions (yes historically massively guilty on that front). I find now that it simplifies things, you remove the expectations and premature opinions and judgements from others. Not that … Continue reading EDITORS WEEK


I posted earlier in the week on my Facebook to how some recent events have really affected me and that is still very much the case today. Seeing something you always knew but never had resounding undeniable evidence of was, at that moment both glorious and heart breaking. It’s all very well knowing in the back of your mind that you were made an absolute fool of but when it’s presented to you in images? Well, it doesn’t make you feel that good about yourself. I know that even to this day there would be denial, lies and kitchen cleaning. … Continue reading EDITORS WEEK