First, let’s get to know the different types of bow ties: Self-tied, pre-tied, and clip-on. Ignore types two and three immediately. If you’re the type of person who wants to wear a bow tie, you should be the type of person that wants to learn how to tie one. There are literally 100,000 videos to choose from (my personal favorite is this one). The key to wearing a bow tie is to do it sparingly, unless you’re trying to make it your “thing,” like a certain Supreme Court Justice. Make it about a special event, and keep the rest of your outfit muted — think a solid … Continue reading THE BOW TIE


Scarf Knot Style: The City Slicker A simple, no-nonsense knot that keeps your scarf neat and fuss-free. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck Pull the loose ends through the loop of the fold. The City Slicker knot is both functional and easy to adjust while on the move. This classic knot also keeps your scarf on, and in place. This is especially important if you ride a bike, drive a motorcycle, or prefer to ride with the windows down. The City Slicker knot is even perfect for summer scarves. It adds a clean, put-together element to your ensemble. … Continue reading MAN SCARF


If you’ve made the decision to wear braces (suspenders) in lieu of a belt, you should be commended. You’ve made a decision to take the sartorial road less traveled, and in so doing, opened yourself up to a world of style previously unavailable to you. Every garment we wear has “rules” associated with it, and suspenders are no exception. How do manage to wear suspenders in an aesthetically pleasing way? Read on for our top tricks for how to wear suspenders. Top Nine Tips & Tricks For Wearing Braces 1. Coordinate With Shoes The button holders should coordinate with the … Continue reading HOW TO WEAR BRACES


As the frost begins to spread across the land, it becomes ever harder to leave our tightly tucked quilts. What we need is something equally quilted. Like a jacket made of a quilt. A quilted jacket, if you will. And even if you’ve never been pheasant shooting in the three counties let us tell you, it’s a gloriously cushy thing. Giving it these posh-boy connotations isn’t too unfair when you find that the style started life as a quilted vest actually meant for shooting in the mid-1960s. The quilting part refers to garment that stitches at least two layers of … Continue reading QUILTED JACKETS


No man’s wardrobe is complete without a suit, and no man’s suit is complete without a waistcoat. If you’re wondering how to wear a waistcoat then give our style guide a read for all the best tips and tricks.  Have you ever watched an old gangster film like The Godfather and thought, despite the fact that they’re gangsters, these guys look great in a waistcoat? That’s because waistcoats are an amazing way to add an element of class and style to any outfit that you may be wearing. Unfortunately, Waistcoats deserve more respect than they receive. Wearing a waistcoat seems like a scary task to … Continue reading WAISTCOATS