What is the difference between an iron and clothes steamer? Similar to an iron, water is placed in a capsule and heats up but where they differ is in the application and result – steamers don’t make direct contact with clothes, thus preserving high quality fabrics and achieving a crease-free look on even the most difficult-to-reach spots. As they work more quickly than irons, you’ll also save time and energy and their portability means you can take them anywhere. Pro tips for a wrinkle-free wardrobe 1. After you have allowed your steamer to fully heat up, test it on a … Continue reading GARMENT STEAMERS


Apple’s next-generation smartwatch is reportedly launching in the fall and will retain its OLED displays, with Japan Display tipped to be the supplier. The Apple Watch Series 5 will be unveiled next month, MacRumors said Friday, citing a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The previous Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled almost a year ago, with the next smartwatch also expected to be announced during Apple’s traditional September event, where the company launches its new swathe of iPhones. According to MacRumors, Kuo also predicted that Korean tech giant LG will supply more OLED displays for future iPhones and said Chinese manufacturer BOE could get involved in supplying screens too. … Continue reading APPLE WATCH 5


For several years the Amazon Kindle has achieved near total domination of the ebook reader market. The only other company to even come close is Kobo (it’s an anagram of “book”), the Canadian underdog that released its first ebook reader in 2010. Between the two of them, they’ve not left much room for other companies to elbow their way into the market but that’s not necessarily a bad thing and, in Kobo, Amazon does at least have some competition worthy of the name. In this article, we’ll assess the six best ebook readers available in 2019 and, hopefully, help you … Continue reading E-READERS


The good news: The throwback Nokia 3310 candy bar phone is one of the most buzzed-about items at the Mobile World Congress trade show.  The bad news: The throwback Nokia 3310 — and not the new Nokia phones — is one of the most buzzed-about items at the show.  The Nokia 3310, which originally launched at the turn of the millennium, is the latest attempt to tug at our heartstrings, part of a broader trend bringing back iconic shows and products from our youth. The miniaturized Nintendo Classic was a hard-to-find item during the holidays, and ’80s stalwarts “Full House” and “Voltron” are both enjoying … Continue reading NOKIA 3310 REBOOT


iPhone 2019: iPhone rumors have already started circulating about what Apple has planned for its next models. One secret weapon could be advanced 3D cameras. Apple is also expected to offer bigger batteries in the iPhone 11 as well as reverse wireless charging and fast charging. The new phones will run iOS 13, which will offer faster performance, Dark Mode and a host of other new features. Motorola Razr 2019: The next Motorola Razr is expected to sport a foldable clamshell design that’s more compact than the Galaxy Fold with mid-range specs.  Galaxy Note 10: Samsung’s big-screen phone will likely appear in two versions this fall — the Galaxy Note 10 … Continue reading SMARTPHONE RUMOURS


Nothing feels better than grabbing a pair of sticks and getting a rhythm going on a high-quality drum set. We remember when we received our first drum set for Christmas when we were about 4-years-old and immediately fell in love with the entire process. There’s something cathartic about being able to jam (or go along with a band in a set song) with some different tones of drums and letting our bodies do the rest of the work. Since we’re such big drum fans, today we decided to review, compare and contrast the top 10 best drum sets in the market. … Continue reading BEST DRUM SETS