Since it was founded in 2009, WhatsApp has become one of the apps you’re most likely to find on phones worldwide.  Today, it has 1.5 billion users in 180 countries – even more than users of its stablemate, Facebook Messenger, which is presumably why Mark Zuckerberg’s company were so keen to gobble it up for an eye-watering $19 billion in 2014. But lately, the app has come under fire. Back in May, it was revealed that malware had been developed that could potentially open up all of your WhatsApp data to hackers.  Since then, Facebook has patched WhatsApp so that the current version … Continue reading MESSENGER SERVICES


10. Nokia N9 The first and last device to run Nokia’s ill-fated MeeGo operating system, the N9 provided plenty of design inspiration for the Windows Phone-based Lumia range that followed. Despite being doomed to early obsolescence from a software perspective, so popular was the N9 that consumers petitioned the company to continue developing for MeeGo. Reviewers at the time heaped praise on the N9, with some bemoaning Nokia’s decision to move to Windows Phone for its smartphones exclusively. 9. Nokia N95 This 2007 device, released in the same year as the original iPhone, slid open in two directions. Moving it … Continue reading NOKIAS TOP TEN


Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) research team has developed a tool that tricks the facial recognition system to wrongly identify a person in a video, the media reported. The “de-identification” system, which also works in live videos, uses machine learning to change key facial features of a subject in a video, according to a report in VentureBeat on Friday. “Face recognition can lead to loss of privacy and face replacement technology may be misused to create misleading videos,” reads a paper explaining the company’s approach, as cited by VentureBeat. This de-identification technology earlier worked mostly for still images. I’m going to say it … Continue reading FACEBOOK AI


Microsoft may be pulling the Nokia brand from Australia, but the glorious company will leave an indelible legacy. Here’s but a glimpse at ten just examples.  10. Nokia 7210 (2002)  Colour had finally come to the Nokia mobile with the 7210. Nokia took advantage of the 1.5in, 128×128 resolution screen with an important accessory: an attachable camera.  These two traits made the 7210 worthwhile as the phone was crippled by an uncomfortably keypad. 9. Nokia N91 (2005)  The N91 may be the ugliest phone ever manufactured by Nokia. The phone towered over alternatives and the screen was hideously bulbous in design. Stainless … Continue reading BEST EVER NOKIAS?


There’s never been so much choice when it comes to buying a laptop, which is great news for us – but it also means that there are more machines to sift through before you find your perfect portable. Even if you’re a tech enthusiast, that still means a time-consuming search as you sort through dozens of potential purchases. That’s not ideal – which is why we’ve picked out the best laptops in every key category. Coming up in the next few months, we’re expecting to see a Google Pixelbook 2 and a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Here’s the best of what … Continue reading LAPTOPS: BEST PICKS


With iOS 13, Apple is back at it with a number of brand new features that should drastically improve the overall user experience for iPhone and users alike. And seeing as it’s been a while since Apple first introduced iOS 13 at WWDC, we’ve compiled a list of the best features Apple managed to pack into iOS 13. Dark Mode First and foremost, we have to start with Dark Mode given that it’s a feature that users have been demanding for years. With iOS 13, a system-wide Dark Mode option is finally here. As you might expect, the feature can … Continue reading NEW IPHONE FEATURES