Jason Momoa and action heroes are basically the same thing. The self-described “savage” has many different sides that the world doesn’t know. He is part artist, part big kid and overall softie. But what else do we not know about the rugged hunk? A Softie Really He was thrown into the public eye from the second he became Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones, but now the world knows him as Aquaman. The first Aquaman trailer has created a frenzy, so we will see what the future holds for this character. Yet for now, here are … Continue reading LEGEND: JASON MOMOA


1. We Could Be Watching The Latest ‘Tom Mapother’ Film ‘Cruise’ is actually Tom’s middle name, with his real last name being ‘Mapother’. 2. He Had An Abusive Father… Cruise has described his father as an abusive one, “a bully coward”. He left his mum when he was young, so Tom took up local jobs (like mowing neighbours’ lawns) to help his mom with the bills. 3…And Was Bullied At School Cruise was regularly bullied, and had to attend 15 different schools in 10 years. 4. He Could Have Been A Priest Cruise didn’t always want to be an actor, … Continue reading LEGEND: TOM CRUISE


British actor Tom Holland swung his way into theaters—and our hearts—with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming earlier this summer. His comedic timing, swoon-worthy accent and acrobatic stunts have charmed moviegoers across the globe, and the film has made almost $600 million worldwide. Though this is hardly the start of his acting career, the 21-year-old has flown under the radar until now, and everyone wants to know more. Here are a few fun facts you might not have known about the Spider-Man star.  1. His first role was in a West End musical  The West End is London’s Broadway, but Tom nabbed a role in Billy Elliot the Musical without ever acting before. It … Continue reading LEGEND: TOM HOLLAND


1-5 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee 1. Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Chuck Norris were amongst the pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s funeral. – Source 2. Bruce Lee had the ability to snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind. – Source 3. In 1962, Bruce lee landed 15 punches, a kick and knocked out his opponent in a fight that lasted only 11 seconds. – Source 4. Bruce Lee’s kicks were so fast that while filming for one scene in Enter the Dragon, they had to re-film it in slow motion (34 frames) … Continue reading LEGEND: BRUCE LEE


David Bowie was born in London on January 8, 1947 as David Robert Jones. But as he readied to embark on his musical career as a teen, there was a problem: Davy Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees, was already a known quantity in the music industry, and the aspiring artist was afraid they might be confused. So David Jones changed his name to David Bowie. In 1967, 14-year-old Sandra Dodd sent Bowie what would be his first fan letter from America, in which she asked him about his name. Bowie quipped: “In answer to your questions, my real name is … Continue reading LEGEND: DAVID BOWIE


Ever since making his professional acting debut in the Australian drama Law of the Land nearly 25 years ago, and appearing as Wolverine for the first time in Bryan Singer’s X-Men (2000), Hugh Jackman has rightfully earned his title as “one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.” Whether flexing his action muscles as Wolverine, getting emotional (and musical) in Les Misérables, or showing off his dance moves in The Greatest Showman, Jackman can seemingly do it all. In celebration of the Oscar nominee’s 50th birthday, here are 10 things you might not have known about Hugh Jackman. 1. RUSSELL CROWE WAS THE FIRST CHOICE TO PLAY WOLVERINE. … Continue reading LEGEND: HUGH JACKMAN