THE BEST RETRO MOTORBIKES: 1st Kawasaki Z900RS Kawasaki Z900RS For Sale → Brand new for 2018 the Kawasaki Z900RS is a bit of a game changer and is truly a work of art. It’s based on the slightly more angry Z900 but has a de-tuned engine, wheels designed to look a bit like wire spokes, a retro style seat, a modern LED headlight disguised as a traditional light and a blacked out engine with machined mock engine cooling fins. At first glance it looks like a traditional pair of clocks but nestled between them is a modern inverted LCD dash with all the … Continue reading RETRO MOTORBIKES


10 Unusual Jensen Interceptor facts and tips. Ten things you need to know about… The Jensen Interceptor – an executive grand tourer that’s still attracting fans. The good news is that Interceptors are at long last being appreciated as true classics. The bad news is that they cost a fortune to run and prices for these V8 powered Grand Tourers are accelerating fast. Words Andrew Everett. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT… THE JENSEN INTERCEPTOR For so long undervalued – the Jensen Interceptor fell in with cars like the Triumph Stag and Reliant Scimitar inasmuch that they became a bit … Continue reading JENSON INTERCEPTOR


Emma Balaam is living the dream. She’s the hub of operations for the RS Owners Club and proud owner of an immaculate Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico. Ford: it’s a family thing “I’ve always been into cars, though it’s been something that has ramped up,” admits Emma before elaborating. “My Dad used to work for Ford – he was at Dagenham for 45 years – so that seed was sown pretty early on. My fondest memories are being picked up from school by my grandparents in their yellow 1100L Mk1 Escort.  Things got really interesting when I settled down and got … Continue reading FORD RS OWNERS CLUB


1. When tuner Callaway created the twin 2 turbo Alfa GTV-6 (above), their handy work got the attention of Chevrolet, and so the legendary Callaway Sledgehammer was born. 2. The Alfa Romeo Arna was a collaboration with Nissan. It had a good (Alfa) engine, but otherwise was really rather shit. 3. The ridiculous looking Alfa BAT 7 concept had an incredible drag coefficient of 0.19. And that was way back in 1954! 4. In real life, the Alfa Giulia Supers, as used by the cops in The Italian Job, would have wiped the floor performance wise with the Mini Cooper … Continue reading ALFA ROMEO GTV


Triumph is commercially exploiting its position as engine-supplier to Moto2 with the new 2020 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition motorcycle. Details are sparse and won’t be released until next month, but that won’t stop us from sharing what we know from this highly anticipated sport motorcycle. There are no photos, so Triumph’s artistic rendering will have to spur our imagination. 1. The 2020 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition will debut at the GoPro British Grand Prix on August 23 at Silverstone. Silverstone Circuit is just 40 miles down the road from Triumph’s headquarters in Hinckley, so it’s a natural location to reveal … Continue reading TRIUMPH DAYTONA MOTO2


The year 1994 conjures a few vivid images that remain crystal clear even a quarter of a century later. Who can forget the helicopter shots of OJ Simpson’s bizarre low-speed police chase, for instance?  In the UK the grisly crimes of Fred and Rose West were splashed across the front pages and the World Cup dominated the back. It was when we were first told “It could be you” as the National Lottery was launched, and The Fast Show emerged to define a generation of comedy. It was also the first time that you could walk into a bike showroom and see … Continue reading DUCATI 916