Marvel has carved a name for itself as one of The Big Two in the comic book world by creating a stable of superheroes that everyone can relate to. Even though they are super-powered beings, they are nowhere near perfect or omnipotent; their many human flaws give fans an easy way to relate to them. They have so many well-known characters, it is no surprise they have held onto the number one spot for so long. With this huge list of fan favorites, Marvelcontinues to blaze a trail throughout the world of comics. Take a look at who made the cut … Continue reading TOP 10 MARVEL CHARACTERS


1. Yoda was almost played by a monkey. According to the book The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, George Lucas originally planned for Yoda to be played by an adorable monkey wearing a mask and carrying a cane. 2. “Ewok” was never spoken in the original trilogy. The word “Ewok” is never uttered by a character in the original trilogy. Although, the species is identified in the script and closing credits. 3. Boba Fett’s face is actually visible in the original movies. You may think you never see Boba Fett’s face in the original trilogy, but the actor who played Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, did stand … Continue reading STAR WARS FACTS


This is the ground-breaking work by George Lucas, loosely based on his friends and his experiences as a teenager living in the San Joaquin Valley at the beginning of the 1960s, a time of gentle naiveté and innocence. There are no words to describe the edgy sweetness and humor that permeates this ensemble story of friends and enemies, jocks, brains, and punks maneuvering through the stultifying heat of the last weekend of summer vacation, 1962.  American Graffiti is a comedy, a drama, a tragedy, a musical, and a reminder of what small-town America once was, a mere forty years ago. … Continue reading AMERICAN GRAFFITI


15 THERE ARE PLANS TO MAKE A SPIN-OFF FILM Since the surprise success of 2014’s John Wick, that movie and its two sequels have become a popular franchise. As a result, plans for a spin-off film named Ballerina have been announced. Details about the film are still relatively scant so far but the movie is said to be about a young woman training to be an assassin in order to get revenge on those who took her family’s lives. 14 LAST-MINUTE DECISION Despite some people perceiving the John Wick films as typical action movies, they actually are outside the norm in several ways. For example, John … Continue reading JOHN WICK FACTS


The X-Men will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it might not be until Phase 6 of the MCU. The Disney/Fox merger brought a lot of titles and characters to the Mouse House, among them the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. The mutants’ storyline recently came to an end with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, so the characters are ready for a fresh start in the MCU. During the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Kevin Feige confirmed the X-Men are coming to the MCU, but didn’t give any details. Prior to this reveal, Feige unveiled the slate for the MCU’s Phase 4 and teased two projects in development that could be part of Phase 5, … Continue reading X-MEN FOR PHASE 6


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