The Ten Commandments for a correct dive – Anyone can do it! Many dream of knowing how to dive into a pool in an elegant and correct way. A correct dive means proper entry into the water and giving momentum to the swimming that follows. Anyone without fear of water can make the dive and there is no need to be professional swimmers. In this article we list the steps for a correct dive with simple explanations that anyone can perform. Firstly, it is important to note that the goal of a dive is to avoid damage to the neck … Continue reading HOW TO DIVE


So, you are seeking an introduction to water polo? The first thing to know is that while a few sports claim to be the ‘sport of kings’, water polo officially has the royal seal of approval. The Duke of Cambridge himself is a fan of the sport and played at university and at national level for Scotland. It’s also a sport we can truly call our own, with the first set of rules for the game developed in 1885 by the Swimming Association of Great Britain, a precursor to the ASA. The sport combines speed and strength, as well as … Continue reading WATER POLO


You want to get faster. Who doesn’t? But in order to supercharge your sprints, you need to get the basics down first. Sprinting is about more than just being fast. Here, we’ll break down all you need to know for how to sprint faster. Doing these nine thing will help improve your speed. Hint: It all comes down to your form. How Can I Improve my Sprint Speed? One of the main factors is form. Sprinting isn’t exactly just a sped-up version of your regular form during an easy run. It’s similar, but different: The movement patterns of running and sprinting are similar … Continue reading SPRINT FASTER


If you have an archer in your family or as a friend finding gifts can be hard, but not anymore. I will provide you with archery gifts that I would personally love to get. There are so many things we love in archery and is passionate about making them a great gift. If you don’t know anything about archery, that`s no problem! This article is going to explain to you what you need to know. The 13 best archery gifts listed and rated 1. Custom Strings The string is something archers change every year and is something your archer would … Continue reading GIFTS FOR ARCHERS