When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article? Do your daily reading habits center around tweets, Facebook updates, or the directions on your instant oatmeal packet? If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out. Reading has a significant number of benefits, and here’re 10 benefits of reading to get you to start reading. 1. Mental Stimulation Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia,[1] since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it … Continue reading BENEFITS OF READING


We spend a shockingly high percentage of our lives at work. If your people are unhappy, unhealthy or have any other issues surrounding wellness – then you must address this! Failure to establish a culture that encourages wellness will lead to your people having wandering eyes and your business being less attractive to the next generation of workers, who often value happiness over pay and benefits… You might have spent time and resources on building a strong vision and brand, improving your product/services and investing in new tech. But that overlooks the most important element of your business… your people! What … Continue reading WELLNESS AT WORK


“I’ll come to the pub, but just for one.” Chocolate, thankfully, can help remedy the low blood sugar that comes from excess alcohol consumption That is the last thing you remember from last night, but staring at your bedroom ceiling like Martin Sheen in the opening scene of Apocalypse Now, you’ve just snoozed your alarm for a fourth time, contemplating how you’re going to blag that you’re ill, not hungover, when it was you who bought your work colleagues the Jaeger-bombs before hitting on Carol from Accounts. Don’t worry — we’ve got this. According to a recent survey, 200,000 people … Continue reading MIDWEEK HANGOVER


Congratulations – if you’re all into the power nap, you’re in illustrious company. Einstein, Winston Churchill, JFK, and even Leonardo da Vinci were all fans of the afternoon brain shut down. Whether this indicates some kind of connection to greatness is pushing it – but what isn’t in doubt are the benefits of taking 40 winks and enjoying a mental timeout from the rigors of the day. There was a time when napping during the day found you labeled as a slob. A lazy degenerate with a bad attitude. Well, the sleepyheads out there will be pleased to hear that … Continue reading THE POWER NAP


Whether you beat yourself up for a mistake you made last week, or you fret about how you’re going to succeed tomorrow, overthinking everything can be debilitating. Your inability to get out of your head will leave you in a constant state of anguish. Of course, everyone overthinks a situation occasionally. But if you’re a true overthinker, you’ll struggle to quiet the constant barrage of thoughts. Overthinking is more than just a nuisance–studies show thinking too much can take a serious toll on your well-being. Here are the three dangers of being an overthinker: 1. It increases your chances of mental illness. A 2013 study published in the Journal … Continue reading OVER THINKING


How do you know when it’s a good time to meditate? You will always have other things to do, and you may not always feel particularly inspired to meditate. In order for it to be effective, meditation has to be an appointment that you keep and not something you do when you feel like it. And yet and some points during the day you would derive more benefit from working than meditating, because you are clearing items from the mental landscape that would interrupt your peace of mind. And there is the usual business of life: meetings, reports, classes, and … Continue reading MEDITATION TIME