The Hot-Towel Shave, the cut-throat shave, the traditional shave, or the Turkish Shave is all more or less the same thing even though they are referred to by different names and titles. They should all basically include the same procedures and stages from start to finish, the same instruments and the same end result! A perfectly shaved smooth face, free from razor burn, cuts or nicks. Unfortunately though, many barbers do not provide this service in their salons either because they themselves cannot shave a client, or they do not have staff that can do the same. Also, of those … Continue reading HOW TO HOT TOWEL SHAVE


For an epic road trip, there’s no place quite like California. Rugged mountains, desert landscapes and the dazzling beaches make for endless camera ready imagery. This Golden State itinerary features a multitude of gems in San Francisco, a sip of Sauvignon in the Tri-Valley Wine Country, California’s Wild West of Tuolumne County, outdoor adventures in Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes, and a bonus reel in the media capital of Burbank. San Francisco: Always Something New to Discover Fly into San Francisco International (SFO), pick up your rental car and jump right into this California dream trip. San Francisco’s welcoming atmosphere … Continue reading CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP


Follow these simple tips to earn money—lots of it—by strategically pursuing the highest paying jobs.   Want a bigger paycheck? Of course you do. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a job where you can make money—lots of it. In fact, 63% of workers said compensation was “very important” to their overall job satisfaction, a recent Society for Human Resource Management surveyfound. Unfortunately, the average raise is only 3%, according to WorldatWork’s 2017 Salary Budget Survey. So how can you make money fast instead of waiting for your salary to grow over time? By revving up your job search … Continue reading HOW TO LAND A HIGH PAYING JOB


A perfect date idea: London in the sky Events in the Sky has been operating in the UK since 2009. Over the past 9 years we have toured the country with our Sky Table, running fantastic events in cities such as London, Bristol, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. London in the Sky is one of our biggest public events and is now approaching its 9th year. Throughout the years it has taken place in some of London’s most iconic locations, and we’ve worked with a wide range of fantastic chefs, mixologists and caterers. Continue reading LONDON IN THE SKY


It sounds divine doesn’t it?  A real treat. But actually, Indian Head Massage isn’t simply a ‘treat’ – the benefits are really rather crucial and can assist with a variety of physical and emotional problems and concerns. Here’s a few of them:   1. Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain Often tension in the upper back, neck and head can lead to migraines, headaches and back pain which can make for uncomfortable living on a day to day basis and sometimes even lead to depression. A massage therapist will start the Indian Head Massage by applying pressure to points … Continue reading INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE