Holly is much-loved for her stylish wardrobe as she is for fronting This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, but there are still many things you don’t know about the TV star. Notoriously private about her family life, Holly rarely gives interviews, but we have gone on to uncover some surprising facts about the mother-of-three. From her children’s unconventional first word to her modelling for the same agency as Kate Moss as a teenager, read on to find out more about the queen of daytime TV. Holly shared the same modelling agency as Kate Moss Holly was scouted at The Clothes Show Live exhibition in … Continue reading MANPEDIA CENTREFOLD: HOLLY WILLOUGHBY


Man caves can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is built outside in the garage, behind a secret passageway beyond a bookcase or in the standard basement location, the man cave is your space. Man caves give the freedom to express our true selves. Man caves give us the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. The benefits are endless, but before you go building your extravagant man cave, be sure to include these 10 necessary items all man caves absolutely NEED. It is most likely the … Continue reading MAN CAVE ESSENTIALS


Courgettes form a mild base for a quiche that is transformed with tangy feta and an equally punchy ­olive tapenade – perfect picnic ­fodder. Prep time: 20 minutes, plus 1 hour chilling time and 30 minutes resting time | Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes SERVES Four to six INGREDIENTS For the pastry: 170g plain flour, plus extra for dusting 30g toasted ground hazelnuts 1 tsp salt 120g cold unsalted butter, diced 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp cold water For the filling: 150g courgette, grated ½ tsp flaky sea salt 200g feta, crumbled 2 tbsp picked fresh thyme leaves 6 egg yolks 300ml double … Continue reading COURGETTE AND OLIVE QUICHE


Not only does it change how other people perceive you, but it can also alter the way you see the world. This is according to a new study that found people who wear suits tend to focus on the bigger picture rather than on minor details. Wearing a crisp-cut suit may make you feel more powerful than you think. Not only does it change how people perceive you, but it can also alter the way you see the world.  Foreign Secretary William Hague (centre), actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie in London last year Researchers at California State University, … Continue reading WEARING A SHARP SUIT


Why the first day in the working week is International Chest Day. 1. It gets a large muscle group out of the way early in the week.  Unless you trained over the weekend, Monday is often the start of a new training cycle and starting your week with a larger body part can be a great idea. On Monday, you often have more energy because, psychologically, you know that you have to make it through the rest of the week and you want to make this first workout count. Also, if you’re someone liable to skip training sessions later in … Continue reading MONDAY: CHEST DAY


With only 4 ingredients this easy cocktail is going to be the hit of your next party! Heading into spring and summer we need lots of punch recipes for parties and this one is perfect. Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Mother’s Day, heading to a Memorial Day BBQ or 4th of July gathering or just a pool party, punch is great because it serves a crowd. You just need these easy ingredients that you probably already have: Vodka Orange Juice Pineapple Juice (get the can, it tastes better) Lemon-lime soda (use diet if you want or regular, any brand) Another thing … Continue reading VODKA PARTY PUNCH