Thorne has worked with production companies such as Bluebird Films, Extreme Associates and Union Jaxxx. She also has her own production company called Bombchelle Productions. The BBC named her as “one of the best-known faces in the British porn industry and one of the top actresses” in an article published in August 2005. She has also written and directed several adult films. In 2005, Thorne appeared as a singing contestant in episode two of season two of The X Factor. Her other film and television appearances include nine episodes of the comedy series Brainiac: Science Abuse and a voiceover role in the 2001 anime film Bondage Mansion (originally Kinbaku no tachi). More mainstream appearances include … Continue reading MANPEDIA CENTREFOLD: MICHELLE THORNE


This week has seen me staring at two monitors all week in a frantic attempt to catch up on the back log of emails received from the few days off I indulged in last week. By the close of play I was down to three left so I’ll chalk that up as a win. Domestically though this week has since the annual return of Chuck, the chihuahua I dog sit when friends take off on their holidays to America. However this year there was more to consider, not just a case of ‘yeah send him over and off you go’. … Continue reading EDITORS WEEK IN REVIEW


Brits love a bracing walk (and it’s set to be a pretty bracing start to Spring). In fact, we’d probably pick a rugged, cold climb up a crumbling path over a pleasant downhill stroll with the sun on our faces. It’s that red-faced, cheek-tingling, numb extremities feeling – it’s like our crack. Or maybe it’s the promise of a pint at the end. Because let’s face it, we all know what ‘bracing’ actually means. It means tip your heart rate ever-so slightly over 100bpm and let the wind whip you around enough so that three pints and a packet of … Continue reading AUTUMN WALKS WITH BEER


People stumble on their search for a piano when: 1)  They haven’t decided if they really want to learn/play – If you ask most people if they would like to learn piano or like their progeny to learn piano, they will say, “yes, of course!” But most people leave it there. One of the most common things we see is people who sign their kids up for a month of lessons at the lowest price they can find, and then follow-up with the purchase of an inexpensive unweighted keyboard. And while some of these unweighted keyboards are incredibly impressive instruments with robust … Continue reading BUYING A PIANO


How enticing is a steamy, spicy hot cup on Bonfire Night to warm the soul (and the fingers)?  Mulled wine is too Christmassy, so I prefer to brew up something more autumnal on  5 November, and throughout the winter months too. Make the base an apple one instead, using decent cider and apple brandy  at the core (sorry). I use medium (not bone-dry) cider in a hot punch – it tastes softer and juicier. Use a good-quality, glass-bottled one, such as those below. Method For four drinks, gently warm up a litre or so of cider in a large pan with just two or … Continue reading HOT CIDER