Soak up the festive atmosphere at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.  See the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London decked out for Christmas with Hogwarts in the Snow. Discover how Queen Victoria spent Christmas as a child at Kensington Palace. Join the V&A‘s Victorian Christmas parties and make seasonal decorations.   Take a romantic stroll through the colourful Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park. Marvel at the magnificent Christmas tree at Windsor Castle. Go ice skating in London Get your skates on at Somerset House‘s glorious 18th-century courtyard ice rink. Enjoy magnificent views of Henry VIII’s residence at the Hampton Court Palace ice rink. Skate in the shadow of the spectacular Tower of … Continue reading THINGS TO DO AT CHRISTMAS


It has finally arrived, Christmas week is officially here and I am now starting the wind down ahead of picking the baton back up in January and seeing what we can do with the good ship MANPEDIA. I’ve been learning that keeping your head down and cracking on is without question the most effective way to make progress. No Bells or whistles, screaming for attention or setting up platforms of ill conceived notions (yes historically massively guilty on that front). I find now that it simplifies things, you remove the expectations and premature opinions and judgements from others. Not that … Continue reading EDITORS WEEK


Band-resisted Calf Flexion Sit on a mat with your legs extended out in front of you. If, in this position, it’s difficult for you to keep your back straight, elevate your hips by sitting on bench or yoga block. Place an elastic resistance band around the balls of both feet. Keeping the knees straight, point and flex the foot forward and upward, maintaining tautness in the band throughout the movement. Single-leg Standing Heel Raise Stand on a step with one foot, with the heel hanging off the edge. Make sure the ball of the foot is securely on top of … Continue reading CALF GAINS


50. John Fahey The First Noel Tiring of the fact that no one wanted to buy albums of experimental American primitive guitar music, but they bought White Christmas every year, John Fahey recorded an album of Christmas instrumentals. It was, by a margin, his bestselling record. Atypical of his work, but beautiful. 49. The Sonics Don’t Believe in Christmas The Sonics believed some folks liked the taste of straight strychnine, so of course they didn’t believe in Christmas. What happened when they stayed up late to try to catch a glimpse of Santa? “Well, sure enough, don’t ya know / The fat … Continue reading CHRISTMAS SONGS


ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR A NEW CAT Before you bring your new cat home, you’ll need to buy a few essential items. These include a cat carrier, bedding, food bowls, a litter tray and scratching post. These will also need replacing from time to time. A CAT FLAP Giving your cat access to the outdoors can provide them with a huge amount of positive stimulation. Most cats benefit from having the freedom to come and go as they please especially if they’re young and you’re regularly out. We at Battersea recommend a microchip cat flap. These scan your cat’s microchip and only open for your … Continue reading OWNING A CAT CHECKLIST


Jason Momoa and action heroes are basically the same thing. The self-described “savage” has many different sides that the world doesn’t know. He is part artist, part big kid and overall softie. But what else do we not know about the rugged hunk? A Softie Really He was thrown into the public eye from the second he became Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones, but now the world knows him as Aquaman. The first Aquaman trailer has created a frenzy, so we will see what the future holds for this character. Yet for now, here are … Continue reading LEGEND: JASON MOMOA