Jason Momoa and action heroes are basically the same thing. The self-described “savage” has many different sides that the world doesn’t know. He is part artist, part big kid and overall softie. But what else do we not know about the rugged hunk?

A Softie Really

He was thrown into the public eye from the second he became Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones, but now the world knows him as Aquaman. The first Aquaman trailer has created a frenzy, so we will see what the future holds for this character. Yet for now, here are some fascinating facts about him to keep you enthused.


Growing Up A Misfit

Momoa grew up feeling like a misfit, and this feeling never really left him, even when, he left for the big bright lights of Hollywood. But this would later change.

Game Of Thrones Got Him On The Map

After that season on Game of Thrones, he stated that many casting directors he met, didn’t think he could speak English. However, he says this was definitely an improvement from the years of trying, when casting directors didn’t even know he existed. “People think I just came out of nowhere,” he says, “but I’ve been hiding in plain sight for a long time.”

Back To Hawaii

Momoa’s father was a Native Hawaiian painter, and his mother was a photographer of mixed European and Native American ancestry. He was raised by his mother, and mostly grew up in Iowa, until he moved back to Hawaii to his dad in his twenties.

Love At First Sight

Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet are couple goals personified, but how they met is an interesting tale. Momoa has had a crush on her since he saw her on TV at the ripe old age of eight, where he said to his mother ‘I want that one’. Years later in 2005, he ended up meeting her at a jazz club through mutual friends. He took her for a meal of Guinness and grits, and he says when he realised she loved Guiness too, it sealed the deal. Now they are now married with two stunning kids. #jealous

Coolest Step-Dad Award

While Momoa has two children with Bonet, he is also the stepdad to actress Zoe Kravitz, Bonet and Lenny Kravitz’s daughter. Zoe has spoken of the love she has for her family, and how their situation may not be conventional, but that they all love each other. Lenny and Momoa are friends and constantly post on social media supporting each other. If he was our step-dad we would be very happy.

Keeping Shtum

Momoa could have been a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) if two other opportunities had worked out. Momoa auditioned for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he auditioned with Chris Pratt. Momoa still hasn’t revealed what role he auditioned for, but we think it was probably Drax the Destroyer. He also remains tight lipped about the role he met with the Russo Brothers (directors of The Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Infinity War) to talk about. He did say he auditioned to be a villain.

Deep Roots

Momoa is proudly Hawaiian and is in actual fact, the first Hawaiian superhero on the big screen. As most Hawaiian mythological gods are water gods, he has said it is a dream to be able to bring Aquaman to life. We can’t really imagine it being anyone else.

Baywatch Babe

The beaches of Baywatch were Momoa’s home from 1999-2001. His role of lifeguard Jason Ioane spurred Momoa’s desire to pursue acting full time, but was desperate to rid himself of his Baywatch stigma, so went to study acting full time. The role of Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones fixed that stigma for sure.

Children’s Names

Although Bonet and Momoa were officially married in 2017, they had two children almost ten years before. Both have Hawaiian names as a tribute to Momoa’s background. Daughter Lola Lolani (2007) means “royal hawk.” Son Nakoa-Wolf (2008) means brave warrior.

Real Life Aquaman

Even though he never finished his degree, some would say that it is somewhat fortuitous that the man who studied marine biology in university is now playing Aquaman. Momoa studied in Iowa for a short time, before transferring to Colorado.

Exercise Regime

Before his Conan role, Momoa never lifted heavy weights. His exercise regimen was running, boxing, surfing and climbing for fun. Momoa. For his diet, Momoa mainly eats lean meat and green vegetables, with some room  of course saved for Guinness. He says he wishes he could have roles that involved eating fries and drinking Guiness. As soon as he finished filming he was back on to bread and butter all day every day and dropped the weights.

Director’s Chair

Momoa’s directing ambitions have come to fruition. Frontier, a netflix series in which he plays a part-Irish, part-Native American outlaw, has been so successful, that the third season is on its way soon for release.  He of course plays his usual character, Game Of Thrones Meets Braveheart.

Hiding A Secret

Momoa Revealed that he found out in September 2013 that he got the part of the coveted role of Aquaman, but couldn’t tell anyone for years about it. He remembers that he was broke at the time, and it was very hard to keep a secret. Now 5 years later the movie is here and so are his abs.

Passion For Music

Momoa’s love of guitar led him to start his own collection, which includes a 1959 Gibson Les Paul previously owned by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. The guitar is a gift that he gave himself for earning the role of Aquaman. According to Momoa, there are only 100 of that particular guitar left in the world and he owns number nine.

Soft And Gentle At Heart

One of Momoa’s favorite past times is pastel painting, which he started while traveling in Paris. Momoa credits his mom for his interest in painting and traveling, since her role as a photographer made her someone who was “always searching, always seeing.” He’s more than just a pretty face and insane abs.

Guiness Lover

His Instagram followers will know that Momoa loves his Guinness, and this fact wasn’t lost on Guinness. The company created their first sour, “Mano Brew” specifically for Momoa back in 2016.

Antics Off Set

Nicole Kidman, who plays Aquaman’s mother in the movie, was one of only a few people who didn’t get the brunt of Momoa’s silliness during filming. Amber Heard had the habit of hiding in a book to avoid Momoa, so Momoa ripped out the last ten pages.

Steals Souvenirs

Momoa always keeps souvenirs from his characters. He still has a prop tongue Khal Drogo ripped out of someone’s mouth in Game of Thrones.

Lover Of The Outdoors

Momoa enjoys the nature when working. He likes the challenge of filming with the green screen, however, he much prefers filming in natural surroundings, “the rain and the dirt and the mud, it makes it easier to act. In comparison, green screen is just months of looking and waving at nothing. ”

Aqua Man Tatts

Aside from being incorporated into Aquman’s design, Momoa’s tattoos actually inspired the heavily tattooed look that some fans have complained about. Director Zack Snyder wanted Aquaman to have Polynesian tattoos since his connection that Polynesian cultures have to water: The kind of connection that led Momoa to say “I’m Hawaiian bro” when asked if he’s a good swimmer.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Before nailing a role in Stargate: Atlantis in 2005, Momoa lived in an Airstream trailer in Valencia and didn’t know what he was going to do for money. So if this is anything to learn from, it is never to give up on your dreams.

Friendship Rings

As a sign of respect and friendship, Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa always show support for each other. Lenny recently posted on his Instagram, that he was at the premiere of Aquaman, and Jason just bought friendship skull rings for them both. We love their family dynamics.

Getting Down On Screen

The big guy admitted that love scenes are difficult for him to do, and especially in GOT there was a rape scene that he said he apologised to Emilia Clarke for after.


Momoa has a white mark on his left eyebrow, where scar tissue now prevents any hair from growing back. Momoa got the scar in 2008 when a man hit him with a pint glass, resulting in 140 stitches. Momoa suspected the attack was part of a gang initiation for the man who assaulted him. Momoa says it helped him to get more tough-guy roles.

The Haka

Jason Momoa just broke the internet, with his rendition of the Haka on the blue carpet of his Aquaman Premiere. He stood with his kids, being the cool father that he is, and orchestrated an impressive rendition of the tribal ritual. Standing there casually in his black vest and merman trident. The video has totally gone viral.

Coolest Dad Award

“My kids are always like, ‘Why do people always want to take pictures with you?’ and I’m like, ‘Because I’m your Dada, and you’re my daughter. That’s why.’ It’s definitely mostly because of Game of Thrones.”’