The emotional whirlpool continues to be on its full spin cycle. Although I have soldiered on with the Manpedia preparations it has had to take a back seat to more pressing issues. Those being real life. I guess what’s really been made apparent to me of late is the illness of dementia and how it takes the life and identity away from people. It is such a haunting illness. Now please forgive me if I offend anyone that has prolonged experience in dealing with this as I can only refer to my own personal and very limited experience and understanding. … Continue reading EDITORS WEEK


It’s not you, it’s probably your smile. But your teeth aren’t the only problem—it’s a full package. Yellowed teeth, receding gums, and chapped lips can all take your smile from megawatt to better-left-unseen. And unless you plan to spend the rest of your life frowning, this is one area that demands a fix. Dentistry has evolved past the point where a snaggletooth was considered your lot in life. Today the color of your teeth can be selected off a chart. And no one has to settle for horse teeth anymore. (Except horses.) There are some fixes out there that we … Continue reading TIPS FOR TEETH