This week parenting came to the forefront of my mind as I am now the proud owner of a 14 year old. You here virtually every single person that has a child say it that time goes so fast and my god it does.

Where we are now is a good place, in her 14 years she has had to go through and process a lot. I don’t know if she remembers her mother and I together, revelations with her telling she remembers getting her ears pierced would now lead me to believe she does remember because that memory she was tiny, very young indeed.

So she has had to go through and process that, my parents were together until my dad passed away so I have no idea what it feels like all I know now is I wish I hadn’t put her through it. But we can’t change the past all I could do was be that consist figure there for her and to date I have never missed a beat, although this weekend was close when we discovered her mathematic group was starting half an hour earlier that we both thought which turned the journey into nothing short of a rally stage..

She’s a good kid, don’t get me wrong she’s a full blown teenager now with huff and puffs and shoulder shrugs but nonetheless she is an absolute diamond and proud isn’t a word that does it justice. It’s now though that I can see how my influence plays such a large role in how she is, I’m very much a middle of the road guy and happy for others to choose what they want and I’ll run with it. Which is no issue as an adult but give that skill set to a teenager and ‘I don’t mind’ takes on a whole new power.

Now we see a change, we see decisions being made and opinions forming, incredible engaging conversation and really thought provoking questions. Which only reinforces her career path into the police force. I think she will win at adult, certainly a lot quicker that it took me. As each year has come along and then passed she has grown steadily, still very cautious with her emotions and nerves but the confidence is now beginning to build. So as I bed in for the ongoing teenage years I raise a glass to those of you surviving the same and those who made it through to the other side. I think I’ve got it quite easy if I’m honest but that could very well just be the return of my chilled and calm outlook.

But saying that, I’ve yet to have the first boyfriend (or girlfriend) surface yet though. Now where did I put my samurai sword….?