In my unqualified opinion I offer you some thoughts.

We find ourselves dealing with tough news on what is globally regarded as the most special time and event of the year. Yet what did we honestly expect to happen? All I have seen this year is that people have consistently adapted the guidance to suit themselves and put their own needs against those of the many. I too have played a part in that, and this has just continued to lengthen this whole process for everyone.
Now we find ourselves at a Christmas cancelled, people damning the government and taking a vigilante stance. People pouring out of high infection rate areas, clambering onto packed public transport to reach family in lower tiered locations. All this so Christmas can carry on as unscathed as possible. However, all this behaviour does is continuing to accelerate infection rates across the country. This is the problem, ‘we’ are the problem. Humans by nature are selfish and self serving and this year, albeit we have shown truly heart warming signs of solidarity and caring; as a whole have reverted to type and put individual needs ahead of the bigger picture. I hope everyone still has enough toilet roll and pasta.

Imagine if we had taken it upon ourselves to go the extra mile, to be stricter with ourselves and our actions. That approach may have had this whole process reduced ten fold.

The government were faced with an impossible task and have had to adopt a reactive approach to how this pandemic was handled. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of this doesn’t add up and I genuinely believe that the facts and figures are shall we say ‘distorted’. This does not detract though that a virus is out there with the ability to take the vulnerable from us. So in my opinion we can all hate on the government for ruining our year and Christmas, but sadly the reality is the blame lays at our feet. We have not been asked to serve our country in war, we have not been asked to relieve ourselves of our creature comforts and luxuries. All we had to do was think about our fellow man, and to date, we have failed them.

There is a lesson to be taken from everything we experience, maybe one day we will be able to collectively understand where we went wrong here.