In my unqualified opinion I offer you some thoughts.

We find ourselves dealing with tough news on what is globally regarded as the most special time and event of the year. Yet what did we honestly expect to happen? All I have seen this year is that people have consistently adapted the guidance to suit themselves and put their own needs against those of the many. I too have played a part in that, and this has just continued to lengthen this whole process for everyone.
Now we find ourselves at a Christmas cancelled, people damning the government and taking a vigilante stance. People pouring out of high infection rate areas, clambering onto packed public transport to reach family in lower tiered locations. All this so Christmas can carry on as unscathed as possible. However, all this behaviour does is continuing to accelerate infection rates across the country. This is the problem, ‘we’ are the problem. Humans by nature are selfish and self serving and this year, albeit we have shown truly heart warming signs of solidarity and caring; as a whole have reverted to type and put individual needs ahead of the bigger picture. I hope everyone still has enough toilet roll and pasta.

Imagine if we had taken it upon ourselves to go the extra mile, to be stricter with ourselves and our actions. That approach may have had this whole process reduced ten fold.

The government were faced with an impossible task and have had to adopt a reactive approach to how this pandemic was handled. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of this doesn’t add up and I genuinely believe that the facts and figures are shall we say ‘distorted’. This does not detract though that a virus is out there with the ability to take the vulnerable from us. So in my opinion we can all hate on the government for ruining our year and Christmas, but sadly the reality is the blame lays at our feet. We have not been asked to serve our country in war, we have not been asked to relieve ourselves of our creature comforts and luxuries. All we had to do was think about our fellow man, and to date, we have failed them.

There is a lesson to be taken from everything we experience, maybe one day we will be able to collectively understand where we went wrong here.


This week I got a parenting 101. For whatever reason I am very quiet by nature, certainly on the outside but internally I have a very relentless monologue. My mind never stops chattering away, ideas, revisions, thoughts, plans, daydreaming. It’s all there in a constant whirlpool.

It is however very easy for me to assume that everyone else is privy to this information tsunami and therefore my actual vocal communication abilities in the real world can be at fault, quite often.

None more so than this week with everything going on, Christmas, funerals, care homes, work, deadlines, projects. I failed miserably at the single most important thing. I forgot to communicate properly with my daughter and it has broken my heart to think she was there needing me, unsure to what was happening, what arrangements were in place and for that I have let her down.

That is not a nice admittance.

I took it on the chin and apologised with the promise to rectify my failings and be that much of an open vocaliser. This year has been tough, really tough mentally. From my former boss and my ex partner shafting me with finances to the barrage of family and loved one issues it has been a grind to say the least. Now I’m not one to mope and not one to feel sorry for myself or have anyone feel sorry for me I just try to soldier on as best as I can with the tools I have at my disposal.

So now I have to realign my sights and remember what is the most important thing out there, and that is family and the family I have brought into the world. A few plans haven’t come off this year and I hate being a person of false promises so next year I am going to drag everything I have set out to do into realisation, kicking and screaming if necessary.

So life check complete, settings adjusted and ground to be made up established and besides a little self improvement won’t go a miss will it..



Every generation says it, it appears to be a problem that remains linear to our existence. The world is becoming quite simply not a nice place to live.

All of the phrases get spun, the worlds gone mad, not in my day etc but I think truth be told this is just life. Humans, for the line share are selfish. We want what we want and can quite easily overlook the thoughts or needs of our fellow man. Now of course this isn’t to say that humans aren’t amazing and among us they are incredible people doing incredible things which is really what I wanted to raise this week.

Protests, war, sham politics, you name it something will be dominating the headlines that just plain makes you sad. Then a glimmer of hope broke through to the surface when I saw this:

We are all entitled to protest if we feel wronged or our human rights have been in some way muted. But this shows how you can have a voice and still do the right thing.

I hear of people being spat in the face because they are wearing a certain coat, commuters halted from earning their wages, road blocks affecting thousands. Think about the message you are trying to vocalise rather than causing outright disruption.

Take the protesters of the jubilee line. We all watched as regular folk dragged them off the trains and proceeded to beat them. This blew my mind, people beating on people for no reason other than they were 4 minutes late. Yes, remove them then go about your business.

The bus drivers in Japan exercised a masterclass in protesting and hurting the body that needed to pay attention. Literally no one else suffered at the hands of those drivers apart from the company it was aimed at. And how much extra respect did that raise for the cause and the people doing that job? Exactly, think about how to make your point, how to be heard and be effective.

Life can be tough enough for all of us at times, let’s not go out of our ways to heighten that.




As I scrape the ice from my windscreen for the first time this morning it’s clear that shorts and zero underwear was not best advised for this trip. So it appears the weather and seasons have moved on and left me to adjust and peruse my autumn wardrobe ahead of the looming cold and damp.

For me personally this switch in weather is a further reminder of a crisis that plays on my mind year round but draws more public attention as the elements change for the worse. That crisis is of course the homeless. I and the MANPEDIA group brand very much so have a mission to ty and make a difference to anyone that has found themselves in that situation. It’s not just the weather to combat but the mental battle, the mental toll surviving with nothing takes. Hour after hour with your thoughts, with no clear path out from the situation. I can’t even begin to process how heavily that must tax you.

So I find myself trying to work out what I can do as an individual to help, what I can do as ‘owner’ of these channels to help, to make a difference. I believe that anything is achievable, I have said that for years but I have only ever applied that to the subjects of life goals but is this any different? Absolutely not and if anything this should be easier because it’s far more important. It’s the same basic formula. Results are born from hard work and it never deviated from that recipe.

I just have to make sure all my ducks are in a row as to provoke a counterproductive action to me would be devastating. The thought of taking this on, in making this an active goal takes me back to my path. A path that I needed help in finding, people that went out of their way to help me, listened to me and talked straight to me. They did that probably with sacrifice to their own time and plans. I’ll never forget their kindness and the lessons they taught me. Less in humanity, love and caring. It’s something we should all as individuals put out more into this harsh world we exist in.

For me it truly is time that MANPEDIA started playing a role is the resolving the issues that it believes in no bells and whistles, no fanfare or after party. Just the simple premise of trying to look after yourself and your fellow man.


This week has seen me staring at two monitors all week in a frantic attempt to catch up on the back log of emails received from the few days off I indulged in last week. By the close of play I was down to three left so I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Domestically though this week has since the annual return of Chuck, the chihuahua I dog sit when friends take off on their holidays to America. However this year there was more to consider, not just a case of ‘yeah send him over and off you go’. No, this year I share the dwelling with the good lady and of course I had to take her wants and needs into consideration. Which I did and naturally two minutes later the man switched turned on and I got it all wrong and will no doubt spend the next 12 millennia being reminded of this. You see I adopt a very laid back and ‘it’ll be fine’ approach to life and for the most part it works like a charm. However…. other people have different approaches and regardless of whether I agree or clash with those views, they are views all the same and should be respected.

So currently the threat of me sleeping downstairs in the living room with him hangs over my head probably until his departure.

I guess the point I’m raising is even for myself that runs on no drama, no fuss, yes I’m a moody little shit but I can almost expect others to fall in line with my way of thinking which is a trait I have inherited from the old man. Even now at 43 I need reminding of this but, I think I get it and I am flexible once it’s brought to my attention.

To Manpedia, I’ve been developing some new features that will increase the media and video content I can bring you guys dramatically which is after all what this channel is about. Now the run into Christmas is pretty much here I have to make sure you guys are getting all the information you need across the board. So with that, it’s back to work!



So this week I indulged in a little down-time. I’m not really one for taking out and out holidays but over the last couple of years a pattern does appear to have been forming where I seem to find myself in Italy in October. Yes I absolutely agree, there are a lot worse things that could happen. Now though any break I do manage to take still becomes in essence a review these days. After all it’s in all of us sharing our experiences that we can make informed decisions about things. Put things on the shortlist through a recommendation or strike it off via a trusted tip.

So here I am on Italy’s East coast in the incredible resort of Rimini. A place that for sure is heavily sprinkled in style, finesse, wealth and glamour. (Maybe a future headquarters location?). We arrive just before lunchtime on Wednesday, the sun has already been beaming through the panoramic sunroof of the hire car and on arriving at the hotel (The Grand Hotel Rimini) the valet takes our bags and removes the car from our sight before I have even realigned these ageing vertebrae. Before anything else I need coffee and I need Italian coffee. This is a a four night break and there is a predefined tick list to work through. Coffee, fine dining, mojito, pizza, ice cream, fish, sun bathing and some photography for good measure.

The coffee is as always and as expected flawless and always served at immediate drinking temperature. This will no doubt be the first of many more. Served in a cup and saucer with a half dozen delicate biscuits on the side its mere presence on the table provokes conversation. The only thing is to be mindful of the strength as it is so easy to just keep ordering and spend the nights a satisfied shaky mess.

A fish lunch is in order and as Rimini is still just beginning to open its eyes from the night before we casually slide into Lo Squero, a charming beach fronted restaurant with a full menu compiled from what the ocean before it dictates. It was to be squid for me and it doesn’t disappoint. Backed with a rich yet delicate source over the pasta it leaves you full but still wanting more.

Dinner is decided to take place within the hotel at their incredible in house restaurant. Formal dress code and impeccable manners are expected and you are rewarded with some staggering prepared dishes. Food in-fact so good this restaurant will be revisited 24 hours later. Here I experience simply the best dessert I have ever eaten. A tiramasu that actually cannot be described. It was sublime. Mains were equal in triumph, Lamb chops and duck breast made to the chefs private recipe and on the second time of asking A risotto and an ocean pasta, yes I was drawn in by the squid again. Staff that were just so willing to please and serve to make our dining experience something memorable.

This basis of this trip was for out and out down time, to relax and recharge. No early hours of the morning parties but more racking up hours by the pool letting the late summer sun warm us through. Days of coffee and sunshine, evenings rich food. For an autherntic Italian pizza we found ourselves at Chi Sburoun Osteria e Cucina, an amazing indoor/outdoor venue making pizza all night long. Here you are seated in chairs wrapped in blankets so you can fend of the chill of the night as the hours tick by, the down heaters hold a lovely ambient temperature and the experience is capped off by the surreal event of being passed an umbrella as Christmas songs are played through the restaurants sound system and a snow machine mounted to the telegraph pole outside pumps flurries of fake snow around us. The pizza though is just as you would want and expect, freshly made with fresh ingredients leaving you stuffed but wanting more. Pair it with the chilli infused oil on the table and it is just about perfect.

On to a local gelato to cap the whole experience off and put to bed flavours of Amaretto, Rum, Mascarpone and Biscotti and the Italian mission is complete.

Rimini is known for its high end lifestyle but here and now, just a few days out of season and the extra cost doesn’t really feel like a factor, you are ever-spoilt by the service and the food and drink. As a resort, a destination it is in my opinion that it should be experienced. So much happens here, music, Porsche races around the Misano track. Quite literally an amazing place with I’m sure so much more to offer than we manage to see in our low-key trip.

Put it on the list, put a pin in the map because I promise you that you will love what this magical town can offer you.


So there I was on the train home, flicking through the socials as we all do when I encountered a post that pretty much made me stop in my tracks and got me thinking. So firstly, applause to the post because it did exactly what we hope every post does. It got my attention and it held it. So much so that I made it a topic of conversation with my 13 year old daughter when I got home. After all, the post would be deemed to be very relevant to her age bracket.

The post itself? Well here it is and it is not for me to condone or condemn, freedom of speech is something we thrive on as a nation. I just wanted to raise this meme to effectively start s discussion. To hear your thoughts to it’s message.

As we all know we bask in memes all day every day with some almost becoming so viral that they are a household products. That is the power of social media, it can convey any message to an audience of absolute millions and millions. What a tool to possess, for the right message.

But here we are, someone has taken the time to create and send out this meme to an audience to whom I feel may be the most influenced and fragile even in the most traditional of times but now where filters are torn down people are exposed to content, views and influences when quite honestly they may not be ready to be. We all wanted to be grown up and beyond our years and now that power is applied more and more as time rolls on. Fantastic, everyone should have a voice but… a voice also has hearing and being that when a generation is working out where they are, who they are such negative vibrations could cause catastrophic ripples.

The younger people of our population as their bodies begin to fill with hormones have the freedom to feel and be whatever their soul feels aligned to, which is amazing. But they are still just children. The most delicate of confidence and so easily influenced by the freight train that is social media. Caution is advised when dealing with this ever evolving issue.

If we as a society enable those of us wanting to chose our own individual path so the smoothest of plains can be attained then let’s not show that streak of human cruelty by pulling the rug out from under their feet.

Sending a message that if you are not by traditional values one thing or another then you clearly must be something else and that something else is not a good thing. Is cold and heartless, possibly simply born from a fear or lack of understanding. I don’t fully understand the volume of genders, maybe because I have never felt anything but my gender so therefore simply can never understand what it feels like. But I can relate to mental illness and mental wellbeing, we all can. We’ve all at some point been at a low point, thinking and making decisions when our minds are fogged.

The mixed message this meme sends out is dangerous. In a time where we should be helping and nurturing each other regardless of our age, gender, sexual preference, background or any other measure you want to apply to it. Life these days is tough, let’s not make it any harder for ourselves.

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject.

To close out, should it be worth pointing out that each of the gender symbols appear to spur from a circle. Looks like regardless of who we are, we may have something in common.

We’re all people…