1 – Her name isn’t even Tess!

Tess was born in Stockport on 27 April 1969. She has a younger sister called Karen, and her dad, Vivian, worked in a wallpaper factory mixing dyes and her mum, Sylvia, worked in a paper mill. But her actual name is Helen Elizabeth Daly.

2 – Her parents wanted her to work in banking

Vivian and Sylvia are also perhaps the reason Tess has a strong work ethic (even if she ignored their career advice).

“My mum and dad considered a good job either nursing or working at a bank because, then, a job at a bank was for life and you had an interest-free mortgage and a pension. My mum thought that was the perfect job and tried to persuade me,” she said.

We’re glad she didn’t listen!

3 – She started working aged 17 when she was scouted as a model

Tess was discovered outside a McDonalds in Manchester a few weeks before she turned 18. She worked all over the world modelling for brands and on magazine covers.

4 – She can speak Japanese

Tess was sent to Japan as her first destination during her modelling years – and learned some of the language while she was there. Impressive!

5 – She’s not the biggest fan of French men

Modelling also took Tess to Paris where she lived for five years.

“I was on the Paris metro and a couple of blokes grabbed me by the arm and demanded that I leave with them. When I said ‘no’ they got nasty so I had to give them a wallop,” she recalled in 2009.

“Parisian men have such a high opinion of themselves but they’re the worst dancers in the world,” she added.

6 – She has appeared in TWO Duran Duran music videos

Tess makes a sultry cameo in the video for their 1990 song Violence of Summer (Love’s Taking Over) and has a rather starring role in the video for their follow up song Serious (set in a circus). Rock and roll!

7 – She strips naked in another music video

Not content with perking up Duran Duran videos, Tess also features in the Sweet Harmony music video for elector dance band The Beloved in 1993.

8 – Her break into presenting was a little make-shift

Tess moved to New York while still a model when a friend suggested she try interviewing. She grabbed a camera and rang up controversial British writer Quentin Crisp and asked if she could interview him. He said yes. They hit it off. And footage from the chat went into a show reel that Tess used to land presenting roles back in the UK.

9 – The Big Breakfast was her big break

Producers at Channel 4 were impressed when they saw Tess’s showreel and immediately snapped her up to host a spot on iconic early morning show The Big Breakfast for their Find Me A Model competition (she was an expert in modelling, after all). She then went on to host other shows including MTV dating show Singled Our, SMTV Live, Smash Hits TV, and Make Me A Supermodel.

10 – Strictly brilliant

Tess joined presenting legend Sir Bruce Forsyth in 2004 when the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show launched and has been the longest serving host ever since – appearing on all series and specials since. Brucie left the show in 2014, with Caludia Winkleman taking over from him. Tess took three weekends off in the second series to give birth to her first daughter.

11 – She’s very close to Bruce

“He wouldn’t want to think of himself as a father figure to me, more of a friend – he’s got five girls [and a son] of his own – but he was always a very supportive presence,” Tess said in an interview last year.

“I can still ask him about anything. He’s a special chap. Every time I see him, I tell him I love him and give him a hug,” she added.


12 – Charity star

Tess landed another iconic hosting role in 2008 when she joined the late Sir Terry Wogan to host the annual Children in Need television show.

Most recently she hosted alongside Radio host Greg James as Children in Need aired for the first time this November following Terry’s sad death at the start of the year.

13 – She is very forgiving

Tess started dating Vernon Kay in 2001 and the two tied the knot in 2003. They welcomed their first child in October 2004 and their second in May 2009 and it seemed like they were a rare celebrity couple to have a solid marriage.

But then in February 2010 Tess’s world was rocked when accusations of Vernon sexting via text and Twitter made headlines.

“We’ve had ten great years together, we’ve got two beautiful kids and we both think that’s worth fighting for,” Tess said at the time.

Their marriage was rocked a second time in March this year as more accusations of sexting emerged (involving the same glamour model, RhianSugden, as the first time) but the pair seem to have weathered this one too.

We’re not sure we could be as forgiving…

14 – She is a motor mouth

During a Guardian interview in 2010 it is noted that Tess spoke at a rate of 116 words per minute! She could totally talk for Britain!

15 – Tess was very close to her dad

Sadly Tess’s dad, Vivian, died in September 2003 – 18 days after Tess and Vernon got married.

While the star is glad her dad saw her walk up the aisle, she is sad he never got to meet Phoebe and Amber.

“It breaks my heart that he never knew his grandchildren because he would have adored them. I can just see him bouncing them on his lap, and it makes my breath catch in my throat,” she said.

16 – She is a hands on mum

Tess prides herself on the fact she has never hired a nanny and thinks it is great to be as involved in her children’s lives as possible.

“I don’t want to hand over a role that I so thoroughly enjoy myself. I love those moments – the homework, the school run, when I get to chat to other mums. That’s real life,” Tess says.

17 – And she’s a sensible parent

And don’t expect Tess and Vernon’s girls to be one of those typical spoiled kids of famous people types.

“We’ve always been aware of teaching them the value of things,” Tess says.

“I try to explain that stuff doesn’t just arrive, and that when we go to work, it’s to pay for holidays and treats. I’d hate to have a spoilt brat – I’d think I hadn’t done my job properly. I want them to be appreciative,” she adds.

Good parenting advice all round, really.

19 – Don’t get her started on inheritance tax…

“It’s disgraceful,” she raged in an interview six years ago.

“It’s effectively triple taxation because you’ve paid tax on your earnings, you then buy a property, you pay stamp duty for the privilege of buying it, and then you pay for it for 25 years; you want to pass it on to your kids, but you can’t because they have to sell it immediately to pay 40% death duty. To pay taxes on a property that’s been paid for with money that’s been taxed!””she seethed.

Actually, she kind of does have a point… we’re outraged too!

20 – Kate Moss is her style icon

They’re both blonde, they’ve both done modelling, but Tess definitely looks up to Kate for a bit of style inspiration.

‘Channelling this look right now! Rockin hair n make up! a bit of #katemoss #rockchick #supermodel,’ Tess wrote alongside a snap of Croyden’s finest on Indstagram.


With TV presenting, acting and comedy panel show captaining already under her belt, Ulrika Jonsson can now add ‘Celebrity Big BrotherWinner’ to her list of achievements. Offering a calm head among the madcap antics of Coolio and Verne Troyer, Swedish-born Ulrika emerged victorious after 22 days in the Hertfordshire compound. Describing her time in the house, Ulrika said it was “singularly the weirdest experience of my entire life, and I’ve had quite a weird life”. Read on to uncover ten fascinating facts about Ulrika’s odd life.

1. Ulrika was born in Sollentuna, Sweden in 1967 and moved to the UK at the age of 12. Showbiz talent runs in the family, as her grandfather was the famous opera singer Folke Jonsson.

2. Ulrika has a keen ear for language, being fluent in Swedish, English, French and German.

3. Ulrika got her big break presenting the weather on TV-AM. She famously burst into a giggling fit during a forecast after inadvertently dropping a double entendre following an interview with Harry Enfield.

4. Ulrika reportedly has a wheat allergy.

5. Ulrika allegedly turned down a role in Doctor Who, claiming that she doesn’t have enough acting experience.

6. She has, however, made one movie appearance, starring in the 1991 French film L’Annonce faite à Marie – or The Annunciation Of Marie to give its translated name.

7. Among Ulrika’s tattoos are a red devil on her bottom and three crowns on her ankle.

8. In 2007, she confessed to a sex addiction in the revealing Channel 4 documentary Ulrika: Am I A Sex Addict?

9. During Johnny Vegas’s extended rants on Shooting Stars, Ulrika would often leave the set for a bathroom break, and return with Vegas still in full flow.

10. Ulrika was allegedly the highest-paid contestant in the Celebrity Big Brother house, picking up a cool £175,000 for taking part.


Jen Selter (born August 8, 1993) is an American Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Instagram Star and Internet Celebrity from Roslyn, New York (USA). She earned i.e. “Bootie Queen”. Furthermore, Jen also has her official website.

Additionally, she learned the basics of social media. Presently, Selter is a big personality on the internet. The media people keep a continuous watch on her Instagram account for 12.8 million followers.

Jen uploads the videos about the diet and exercise plans on YouTube. The well-known singer named Rihanna follows her on the photo-sharing app. She did not get any message from her idol. Moreover, she is eagerly waiting for the moment.

Early Life, Parents & Profile

Jen Selter was born on 8th of August 1993 (age 26 years old) in Roslyn (New York, United States). She grew in the Jewish background. Interestingly, her family also concerned about fitness. Jen’s full name is Jennifer Selter.

Furthermore, she is the extremely talented daughter of Jill Weinstein (father). Ms. Selter’s dad based in Long Island, New York.

Moreover, she has a sweet sister named Stephanie Selter.  She bullied in the Roslyn High School, then she went for cosmetic surgery. Jen took the courses related to Cosmetology.

Personal Affairs, Boyfriend & Relationship Status

Jen emerged as a popular person on the social media. Still, she is secretive about her boyfriend and affair. There is no news associated to her wedding and her husband. Ms. Selter not linked with any renowned celebrity.


Yasmine Amanda Bleeth is a former American actress known for her appearances in ‘Baywatch’, an action drama series, and ‘BASEketball’ a sports comedy film. She was born in New York City. Her parents had connections in the show business which helped her venture into an acting career when she was quite young. She began appearing in advertisements from a very tender age. At the age of twelve, she was cast in her first movie, ‘Hey Babe!,’ where she played the role of an orphan. Bleeth began her TV career with a role in the soap opera ‘Ryan’s Hope’. She came to popularity for her role of Caroline Holden in the popular action drama series ‘Baywatch’. The show, which was about the Los Angeles County lifeguards, was one of the most watched TV shows ever. Also a philanthropist, Bleeth was a spokesperson for the Lee National Denim Day fundraising campaign in 1998. The campaign raises money for breast cancer research and awareness. The cause of breast cancer awareness is very close to her heart as she had lost her mother to the disease. Throughout her life, she has also struggled with drug addiction.

  • Yasmine Bleeth was born in New York City, New York, US, on June 14, 1968. Her parents were Carina, a model, and Philip Bleeth, a business proprietor. Her father is of Russian-Jewish and German-Jewish ancestry and her mother was of Algerian descent.
  • Yasmine started to appear in commercials as a baby. While appearing in a commercial for Max Factor, she caught the attention of fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo, who proceeded to include her and her mother in his book ‘Scavullo Women’.

  • In 1980, Yasmine Bleeth was cast in her first film ‘Hey Babe!’ when she was 12 years old. Her character, Theresa O’ Brian, who lives in an orphanage, wants to attend a school for performing arts but does not get the support from the orphanage.
  • From 1985 to 1989, she appeared in the soap opera ‘Ryan’s Hope,’ playing a supporting role. The show won several Emmy Awards. She was seen in the series ‘One Life to Live’ from 1991 to 1993.
  • She became popular in 1993, after she took up the role of Caroline Holden in the popular action drama series ‘Baywatch’, which was about the lifeguards at the beaches of Los Angeles County, California. She reprised her character in ‘Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise’, a 1995 television film, and also in ‘Baywatch Night’, a spin-off series, in a guest role.

  • In 1994, she played the lead role in the thriller film ‘The Force’. She continued to appear in TV films, such as ‘A Face to Die For’ (1996), ‘Talk to Me’ (1996), and ‘Crowned and Dangerous’ (1997). In 1998, she appeared in the police drama series ‘Nash Bridges’ in a supporting role, portraying Inspector Caitlin Cross.
  • She had an important role in the sports comedy film ‘BASEketball’ in 1998. The film received average reviews and was a commercial disaster. In 1999, she played the female lead in the romantic drama film ‘Heaven or Vegas’. The same year, she appeared in two more romantic films, ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Undercover Angel.’
  • In the ensuing years, she continued to appear in TV movies, such as ‘Ultimate Deception’ (1999), ‘It Came from the Sky’ (1999), and ‘Hidden War’ (2000). In 2000, she played the lead role in the soap opera ‘Titans’.
  • In 2003, she played the lead role in the TV film ‘Game Over’. The same year, she also acted in the action drama TV film ‘Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.’ It was based on the TV show ‘Baywatch.’ Bleeth reprised her character of Holden.

  • The most important role in Yasmine Bleeth’s career is undoubtedly the character of Caroline Holden in the action drama TV series ‘Baywatch’. The show gained much popularity and became one of the most watched TV shows in the world. It revolved around the lives of the Los Angeles County lifeguards, who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles, California.
  • Another significant work in her career is the police drama series ‘Nash Bridges’. It was about the adventures of two cops of the San Francisco Police Department. Bleeth played the role of Inspector Caitlin Cross. Other main actors in the series included Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, James Gammon and Jeff Perry.
  • She played the female lead in the soap opera ‘Titans’. Her character, Heather, is engaged to a rich businessman named Richard Williams, who is much older to her. Unbeknown to Williams, she previously had an affair with his son, Chandler.
Family & Personal Life
  • Yasmine Bleeth married Paul Cerrito in 2002. He is the owner of a strip club. They had first met in December 2000, when she was in rehab.
  • Throughout much of her life, she has struggled with drug abuse and cocaine dependence.
  • Bleeth is also a philanthropist. She has helped to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research for the Lee National Denim Day.


Kate Moss, (born January 16, 1974, London, England), British fashion model whose waifish figure and natural look redefined the industryin the 1990s and who later became a cultural icon.

Kate Moss

Moss grew up in the London borough of Croydon. At the age of 14, she was discovered by Sarah Doukas, the owner of the modeling agency Storm. In 1990 Moss caught the attention of the fashion industry when a series of stark unstylized photographs of her—taken by the British photographer Corinne Day—were published in the youth style magazine The Face. At that time the fashion industry was populated by supermodels who were famous for their statuesque and curvaceous frames and traditionally glamorous images. With her more natural look, street style, and slight build—at five feet seven inches, she was short for a model—Moss became known as an “anti-supermodel,” and she launched a new era in modeling, though not without some controversy.

In 1992 Moss signed with American designer Calvin Klein, and she subsequently appeared in a series of advertisements for his brand that highlighted her very thin frame clothed in skimpy attire. The Klein campaign, as well as a photo spread in British Vogue shot by Day, caused a furor, as Moss was accused of promoting anorexia and pedophilia. She became the symbol for the so-called “heroin chic” generation that followed the grunge style. Despite the uproar, Moss became one of the most sought-after and highest-paid models. In the ensuing decades she appeared in ad campaigns for Dior, Burberry, Chanel, Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana, among others. With her iconic style, she also became a muse to a number of designers. Although many models retire by their mid-20s, Moss remained busy into the 21st century, by which time she had appeared on more than 300 magazine covers.

In addition to her work in front of the camera, Moss also was involved in several design-related ventures. Her first collection for the retailer Topshop appeared in 2007—it reportedly sold out in one day—and in 2010 she debuted a line of handbags for Longchamp. She also launched a perfume line in 2007, and her first lipstick collection for Rimmel hit stores in 2011.

Moss’s personal life was well documented by the tabloids. Her various relationships—notably with American actor Johnny Depp; British publisher Jefferson Hack, with whom she had a daugher in 2002; and Jamie Hince, a British rocker whom she married in 2011 and divorced in 2016—were popular targets, as was Moss’s partying lifestyle. In 2005 a tabloid published photographs of Moss using drugs with her then-boyfriend Pete Doherty, a British musician. The ensuing scandal resulted in a number of her contracts being terminated. By the following year, however, after a stint in rehab, Moss was again one of the industry’s top-earning models.


Kelly Brook is an English entrepreneur, actress, television presenter and one of England’s most famous models, who ranks amongst the top ten of several men’s magazines as the one of the ‘Sexiest Women’. She also stood on number 33 and 34 on ‘Top 99 Most Desirable Women’ of 2007 and 2008.

Brook was born on 23rd November 1979 in Rochester, Kent, England. Brook went to Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts for three years before professional modeling. Her modeling career actually began when her mother entered her in a beauty contest, which she won. Working on various advertising campaigns that included Bravissimo, a lingerie designer company, her physique was noticed by a tabloid ‘Daily Star’ which started to feature her as their Page Three girl. It was not long before Brook was appearing on various men’s magazines such as Loaded, GQ and FMH. Brook began to top many ‘Top Ten’ lists including FMH ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World’ in 2005. She also graced the cover of other magazines like Cosmopolitan, Tatler, The Face, and Company.

Brook got a big break when she signed a contract for one million dollars with Unilever. She was to represent their body spray ‘Axe’ for which she appeared in newspapers, billboards, television as part of the ad campaign. She has also appeared in ‘Sure’ deodorant, Sky+, T Mobile and Reebok commercials. Brook was also part of the Lee jeans advertising campaign. The men’s magazine Playboy featured her in their September 2010 issue. The next month Brook went live on a Clapham picture house as part of the promotion for Carlsberg and Sky 3-D which was a big surprise to those who went there. 

At the age of eighteen Brook began to present various TV shows on Granada Television, MTV and Trouble TV. She entered the mainstream in January 1999 on BBC1 by appearing in the show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. She suffered the loss of her father during this time but she decided to continue the show for a while before finally withdrawing the show in its ninth week. In 2008 she became a judge on the show ‘Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life’ which was broadcasted from September to November. The next year she became the fourth judge on Britain’s Got Talent but was removed from the show on the grounds that a fourth judge was very complicated. However Brook claimed later that she was axed from the show because of the show’s judges Ant and Dec who were not happy that she was there. 

Brook also appeared in a Pulp video ‘Help the Aged’ in a dance sequence. She made her proper debut with a short role in ‘Sorted’. She also appeared in ‘Ripper’, ‘The Italian Job’ and a TV series ‘Smallville’. ‘School for Seduction’ was her first starring role film. She also had a lead role in the horror comedy remake movie ‘Piranha 3D’. In 2009 Brook replaced Jerry Hall to play Cecelia in ‘Calendar Girls’. She is currently dating Thom Evans with whom she was expecting a baby but suffered a miscarriage in May 2011.


Holly is much-loved for her stylish wardrobe as she is for fronting This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield, but there are still many things you don’t know about the TV star. Notoriously private about her family life, Holly rarely gives interviews, but we have gone on to uncover some surprising facts about the mother-of-three. From her children’s unconventional first word to her modelling for the same agency as Kate Moss as a teenager, read on to find out more about the queen of daytime TV.

Holly shared the same modelling agency as Kate Moss

Holly was scouted at The Clothes Show Live exhibition in Birmingham back in 1995, when she was just 14. The teenager was then signed up to Storm Model Management – the same agency as Kate Moss – where she appeared in magazines including Shout and Mizz. She later worked for lingerie brand Pretty Polly, at the age of 17.

Holly has been an actress

The This Morning host showcased her acting abilities alongside S Club 7 back in 2000, where she starred in the film S Club 7: Artistic Differences, playing Paul Cattermole’s girlfriend Zoe. Holly’s character landed herself a modelling career, resulting in Paul dumping her after realising that their lives were going in different directions.

MORE: Holly and Phil present This Morning for the final time from ITV Studios

Before she was famous…

Between TV jobs, Holly has worked as a receptionist, a runner for shopping channel Auction World TV. She then convinced a friend to help her make a showreel, before landing herself her first ever presenting job on CBBC programme XChange, where she interviewed guests including Myleene Klass and Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge during their days in S Club Juniors.

Holly’s a godmother

Holly is godmother to her niece Lola, the daughter of her sister Kelly. The doting aunt often spends time with her family, and treated Lola to a rainbow birthday cake last year, which was made with the help of her daughter Belle.

Holly and her sister have keys to each other’s homes

Holly and her sister Kelly are extremely close, so much so that they even have keys to each other’s houses. They have also have written a series of books together inspired by childhood classics including Famous Five, called School for Stars.

Her sister Kelly has worked for Holly’s This Morning co-stars

Holly’s sister has previously worked as Eamonn Holme’s PA. Discussing her organising abilities during a rare joint appearance on Loose Women, Eamonn’s wife Ruth Langsford said: “Kelly basically organised our lives so we missed her hugely when she went to write books.”STORY: The one item that features in all of Holly Willoughby’s outfit posts

Holly went to private school

The down-to-earth star was educated at Burgess Hill Girls – an independent, all-girls day and boarding school. Holly enjoyed her time there, and often talks positively about her school days on This Morning.

One of Holly’s children’s first words was yuck

Holly was interviewed in 2017 by Netmums, where she opened up about Peppa Pig’s bad influence on her children. “George doesn’t like carrots, thanks George,” she joked, adding: “Why can’t George eat a real carrot and not carrot cake.” The star then went on to reveal that as a result of the show, one of her children’s first words was “yuck”.

Holly has a tendency to be messy!

The TV star appeared on Loose Women with her sister Kelly, and admitted to the panel that she wasn’t the “tidiest person”. “I am so sorry, I am clean but I am not tidy,” she laughed. This was later apparent back in 2016 when Holly and Phil turned up to work on This Morning in the clothes they were wearing from the night before, with Holly’s white dress covered in curry sauce.

Holly is not just a pretty face…

Holly doesn’t just have beauty, but brains too! During her early career, the star started an Open University course where she studied psychotherapy. She told Celebs Now: “I started an open university course when I had a two-year down period in telly, so if all else fails, I’ll finish that.”

Holly and Stephen Mulhern go way back

Ant and Dec’s right hand man Stephen Mulhern and Holly have both gone a long way since their early TV careers, which saw them co-present children’s entertainment show Ministry of Mayhem in 2004, which was later changed to Holly and Stephen’s Saturday Showdown.


Elin Hedstrom is a Swedish fitness model known for her rock-hard abs and curvy figure. She showcases her awesome body through her online pictures and videos.

In addition to being a fitness model, Elin is also a sports brand ambassador. She represents what a healthy life looks life, both in and out of the gym.

However, Elin’s life didn’t always look this way, she was once a girl who wanted to improve her physique by lifting weights.

After years of intense work in the weight room, she’s turned her dreams into reality and is now an inspiration for other women who want to do the same.

Heavy Training For Muscle Tone

Over the years of training, Elin has perfected her workouts. In the process, she’s found what works for her and what doesn’t.

For the most part, Elin focuses on lifting heavy weights at a low rep range, such as 3-6 reps per set. Doing it this way helps Elin build up her strength.

Elin is a big believer that lifting heavy weights won’t make her ‘bulky’. She says this is just a myth that’s been floating around the fitness industry for far too long.

That said, when Elin wants to tone her muscles and make them appear leaner, she’ll lift lighter weights at a higher rep range. Around 8-12 reps per set. Some of her favorite exercises are ab crunches, hanging leg raises, glute bridges, and squats.

Cardio Workouts

Since Elin pays special attention to her diet, she doesn’t need to stress too much about cardio. That said, when she does cardio, she’ll go for the one that’s the most intense – HIIT.

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, allows Elin to ‘charge up’ her metabolism in a short space of time. In other words, it helps her burn fat faster.

Eating Treats

Every now and again, Elin will indulge in something she likes, as a reward for her hard work in the gym. Her favorite ‘cheat meals’ include pizza and burgers. When her sweet cravings get activated, that’s when Elin will eat something like a chocolate cake.

At the beginning of her fitness journey, Elin would feel guilty for indulging in unhealthy foods. But now, her mindset has completely changed; she knows it’s important to have a balance, instead of restricting herself all the time.


Forget those times when a start of the modelling career was associated with a number of tough challenges. You had to meet strict requirements, be conventionally beautiful or handsome and pass a complicated test in model agencies. Now almost all of these rules are gone: everybody can be a model if they wish. 

The miracle thing that made this all possible is Instagram. This platform gives a plenty of vast opportunities for you regardless of who you are. You can promote yourself being a designer, musician, plumber, waiter, business coach, or even housekeeper. People who are positioning themselves as a “mom”, “husband”, or “student” also have a lot of things to tell about their lives. 

Kendall Jenner instagram

However, the most popular personalities on Instagram are models or celebrities who are somehow related to modelling. Cara Delevigne (@caradelevingne) and Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) both have over 41M followers, while Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) can boast of 92.1M followers. It’s unbelievable, but only 15 countries in the world have more population! The audience of Kendall Jenner is one population of Germany + 10 extra million people. 

It may seem to be unfair, but the fashion industry is the fastest growing one on Instagram. In our previous article, we mentioned that an average Instagram brand is threefold more popular than an average brand which belongs to other industry. Insta models often become the public faces of clothing companies. Some media experts even aligned them with the supermodels we had in the 80-90s. 

Do you want to start your modelling career but never dared to take the first step? Instagram gives you a chance, don’t miss it. And we at Bigbangram will help you build your ladder to fame using best tips on “how to become an Instagram model”. 

1. Define Your Style 

Define Your Style

If you decided to become a model, you probably already have interest in fashion, clothes, or photography. You have clothes from specific brands in your wardrobe and know your style well. Still, it needs improvement. 

Clearly define what type of an Instagram model you would like to be. Some of them promote traditional high fashion clothes, the others tend to be more “underground” but no less popular. Your personal style will define the brands with that you will collaborate in the future. 

To do this, create a couple of looks you will likely add in your portfolio. It also doesn’t mean you should follow the rules of the particular clothing style. Instagram gives you freedom: you have a personal account in here and the only person who determines the rules is you. Don’t afraid to experiment and add a pinch of creativity to your outfits. 

2. Create Portfolio 

Create Portfolio for yourself

Even though you are not going to sent photos to any model agency, you need to create a so-called portfolio. In fact, your portfolio will consist of all photos you have in your profile. But at the early stages of every Instagram account, users add at least 10 photos just to fill in and give a basic idea of their brand or personality. 

So should you. To create a quality but diverse portfolio, we recommend you to have a photoshoot of at least 3 different looks + dilute professional photos with some self-made pics. Even popular Instagram users take selfies, so don’t neglect them. 

3. Gain New Followers 

BigBangram auto follower bot

Sometimes the quality content is enough to gain a lot of followers. Still, if you don’t have a lot of friends and acquaintances, it may be a bit difficult. It may take a very long time to reach the first thousand in a case when you just post great pictures and do nothing else. 

To speed up this process, you need to know some marketing tricks which might help you. First of all, you can create a sequence of posts before even posting them. Instagram’s official application doesn’t have a scheduling feature, but some third-party services have. You can track the best time to post on Instagram and set up posting according to your research. This way, you will gain more likes (and likely followers) and better engagement. 

Another way to boost the number of followers is to use mass-following technique. This easy method involves liking and following a lot of people and imply the probability that some percent of them will follow you back. Later, you unfollow those users and enjoy your increased audience. This technique is great because you will get real followers who will follow you because they are truly interested in your content and/or personality. 

How to automate your Instagram communication? 

BigBangram auto follower bot

It’s vitally important to have active followers. Of course, when you are at the beginning of your modeling career, you can handle your Instagram account by yourself. You just spend a few hours a day on Instagram, looking for collabs, sending messages with collaboration invitations, and answering on Instagram Direct. If you want to save your time, run your Instagram effectively, and professionally consider automation of all communication processes.

Instagram Direct Mass Messaging
The feature allows you to send automatic messages to your new followers and current ones. You can apply filters to narrow your target audience. So welcome every new follower, pay him or her attention, ask for feedback. Imagine as many variations as you can. The more answers you get, the more engagement you’ll have. And we all know that high engagement will give you a chance to get into Instagram recommendations!

Instagram Direct Chat
The feature allows fast and easy communication on Instagram on your PC or Mac. It’s a web service, that can unite chats from several Instagram accounts. As a result, you have access to all your conversations on every computer you want. It fastens workflow and makes it extremely convenient.

Instagram Direct Search
The feature of Instagram Direct Chat helps to find any account you want and start immediate communication. So you can make a list of accounts: photographers, models, make-up artists, hairstylists, and offer any sort of collaboration. Plus, you can search for any keywords in your inbox. Never miss anything!

All features mentioned above are available on the new Direct Module by Ingramer. Automation saves days of your precious time and allows focusing on more serious issues.

4. Look for Collabs 

Look for Collabs

Try to reach out to models and photographers which are more popular than you. Look not only at their number of followers but also at the engagement rate. The more comments from real users they have the better. Also, it is a nice indicator if the model or photographer has a lot of posts where he or she was mentioned by other users.

How to collaborate with other models on Instagram? You can interview each other or go for a walk and post the vlog-like video or simply make a selfie. Another way to win even more followers is to create a joint advertisement of a brand you both use.
How to collaborate with photographers on Instagram? If you want to have photos from a high-level photographer, you can agree with him or her to shoot on a TFP basis.

Bigbangram explains: TFP (“time for pics” or “trade for prints”) is a type of a free agreement between a photographer and a model when the first one gives a number of photos in exchange for model’s time.

TFP basis means you will have a photoshoot and won’t pay for it. A photographer also won’t pay you for your work but he or she may be interested in your image and use you as the model for some of his/her projects. So all parties benefit.

If you collab with people who more popular than you, they can mention your profile in their posts. So you will automatically widen your outreach and get a chance to win their followers, too.

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Use Instagram Direct to greet new followers and love current ones!

5. Engage with Your Audience 

receive a bunch of new followers

Posting is not enough anymore. Just like you want to feel your followers need you and enjoy your posts, they want you to interact with them more often. People love famous personalities who treat their followers as friends or at least “guests” of their pages, not as a mass of random people. 

To show how you appreciate their support, you may write captions or post stories directed to them. Also, it would be nice to ask their opinion about your outfits and content in general. Finally, we have Instagram polls to use in stories, so you can ask them to choose between just two options — that’s very simple but enjoyable. 

After gathering a large group of keen fans, you can proceed to your first contest. Arrange a “giveaway” — we all love to receive free rewards. The other great example of the contest is profile advertising. Some of the budding models or photographers might enjoy if you’d tell a word about their pages. 

Set simple rules for each contest: don’t make your followers leave Instagram and visit some third-party sources, just ask them to like your 10 recent photos or take a screenshot of your “contest” post and publish it in their own feed. Both parties profit again: you receive a bunch of new followers, and your fans get a real chance to get something from you. 

6. Post Stories and Videos 

Post Stories and Videos

Videos and stories are no less popular than photos on Instagram. And probably even more. See what stats say: 33% of all content in your feed are videos. This means every third post of yours may be video. “What can I do, if modeling is not about videos?” — You may ask. Well, Instagram models often make “how-to” videos or record the process of make-up. The popular format are stop motion animation videos which resembles well-known gif files. 

If you are tired of manual posting and want to save your personal time, BigBangram has a great feature for you: Automated Posting Tool! Just imagine, that you can schedule all your posting, set up all publication dates to the timezone you need, forget about alarms and everyday control for publications. Bigbangram offers not just a scheduler, but a possibility to buy immediate likes for planned publications!

Stories are truly booming: 22.3% of Instagram users even prefer watching stories over scrolling feed. Not surprising: people are sharing their daily moments using stories, not a regular posts. The majority of users are interested in private lives of their friends or celebrities, and stories are the best way to know more about it. Because of this, don’t neglect stories. Make your followers happy by sharing some personal information about you and/or some backstage materials. 

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Constant Instagram Popularity Growth

Post Stories and Videos

If you want to have a popular account, get into recommendations, and get a massive flow of organic traffic, you need to have a stable source of active followers for your Instagram account. How can you get it without any risks? Trust your promotion to a reliable automation tool. 

To draw attention to your account, create an individual strategy, and set up auto like, auto follow according to hashtags, locations, or even usernames. As a result of your audience continually grows, and you get your piece of fame! 

Ingramer can narrow the target audience, so you interact with profiles, which are your potential followers. If you set up the tool for particular hashtags, you can find advertisers or photographers to collaborate.