american heritage brands indian motorcycle and traeger grills have paired up to build a smoking hot two-wheeler. with a built-in barbecue the one-of-a-kind bike features a fully functional wood pellet grill attached as its sidecar.

indian’s motorcycle has a built in barbecue so you can grill on the go



renowned customizer thor drake of portland’s see see motorcycles melded an indian springfield darkhorse and a traeger ironwood series 885 to create the hybrid motorcycle, which comes complete with a full set of grilling tools. the bike features a ‘thunder stroke’ 111cc v-twin with blacked-out finishes and a 10-spoke front wheel that’s exposed by a flared front fender.

indian’s motorcycle has a built in barbecue so you can grill on the go



the traeger ironwood 885 wood-fired uni barbecue is capable of fitting in 10 whole chickens or seven racks of ribs. meanwhile, other features include a digital controller that controls ignition, preheat settings and temps, double side-wall insulation, and wi-fi connectivity that can be utilized to monitor food from a smartphone via an app.

indian’s motorcycle has a built in barbecue so you can grill on the go



the motorcycle barbecue grill will make its official debut at the 2019 sturgis motorcycle rally in south dakota. the event runs from friday, august 2 to sunday, august 11.


From the “why the hell not” files: the Indian team is hitting this year’s Sturgis rally with a sidecar outfit we’re sure will be popular. It’s a custom-built Springfield Darkhorse with a big ol’ BBQ for a sidecar. Your roadkill will never taste so fresh.

The team isn’t messing about, either – it’s a decent-sized Traeger Ironwood 885 wood-fired unit, capable of fitting in 10 whole chickens or seven racks of ribs. We don’t know what that equates to in squirrels, foxes and deer, but whatever it runs over can be served up with a nice wood-chipped smoky flavor. 

These beasty grills are well known for their excellent performance in cold weather, but there’s no word on whether you’ll be able to do your nine-hour brisket smoking operation on the highway at speed.

Combining two great American passions – motorcycle cruising and smoky BBQ

Combining two great American passions – motorcycle cruising and smoky BBQ
Indian Motorcycle

If you’re headed to Sturgis, you can catch this machine, built by Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles, at the corner of Lazelle and 3rd, where it’ll be serving lunch to anyone that takes an Indian demo bike out for a cruise.


For all audiences and budgets. We believe that these helmets are the best considering also their quality/price ratio. Below you have a list of the best motorcycle helmets of 2019. What do you think about it?

  • Shoei Neotec 2
  • AGV K-1
  • Scorpion Exo-1400 Air and Exo-1400 Carbon
  • HJC RPHA 70
  • Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2.
  • Arai Renegade-V
  • AGV Sportmodular

best motorcycle helmets


We start talking about the arrival of the second generation of a myth: the Shoei Neotec 2. We could say that it is the reference modular helmetin the market for things like its multifiber shell and the luxurious interiors it presents, with perfect insulation both of the noise as of the air, something that we appreciate in a helmet designed for long trips. Also, remember that it is ready to install the SENA SLR communication system.

Shoei Neotec 2The Shoei Neotec 2 is one of the modular reference in the market. Its benefits are top.

And it is a very comfortable helmet that offers all the quality of a brand like Shoei, a top brand that stands out because its helmets are very resistant to the passage of time. The Neotec 2 is to bet on winning horse.


We change radically segment because we are going to talk about the entry segment, the AGV K1. It is a very affordable full-face ideal in case you just got your motorcycle license or you are an urban user. For about 180 euros with the basic colors you can have an AGV in your motorcycle closet.

AGV K-1 Gothic 46The AGV K-1 you can get in many graphics. This is of Valentino Rossi.

It is the helmet of access of the Italian manufacturer, with thermoplastic shell, double buckle closure and has that ‘sporty touch’ of AGV characteristic in its design and in the interior padding. Like its predecessor – the AGV K3 – it comes in a lot of graphics with the colors of Valentino Rossi. Overall, it does not surprise us that it is so popular among the kids; those who now call millennials.


If you are looking for a sport-touring helmet with guarantees suitable for almost all pockets, the Scorpion Exo-1400 Air is a good choice for several reasons: mainly, for its shell, which has a TCT structure made of fiberglass.

Scorpion Exo-1400 AirScorpion AirFit system is common in almost all brand helmets.

But you should also consider your carbon brother, the carbon fiber Exo-1400 Air Carbon. How many carbon fiber helmets are there in the market for 300 euros? Well, that.

Both have very special things, such as the Airfit system, which allows inflating and deflating the inner paddings for the best possible fit. Undoubtedly, an interesting and not so well known proposal.


HJC RPHA 70The HJC RPHA 70 is a multipurpose helmet. It’s good for city, as for a road route.

We continue in the sport-touring segment, but this time we tell you about a helmet with a multi-fiber shell: the HJC RPHA 70. Another very versatile full-face helmet, which is worth as much to go every day to work as for weekend getaways. Having this type of helmets is always a success if you go on a motorcycle everywhere. The RPHA 70 is definitely a hit because it is very complete, with solar visor, screen with Pinlock included, good insulation and all for a great price: just over 350 euros with the basic colors.


Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2The Carbon 1.2 version of the Shark Spartan is here. A best seller that keeps renewing itself.

Now we travel to France to talk about another helmet to consider. The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2. It is a very compact, elegant and lightweight full-face helmet, made of a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. As we already told you in the complete review, the Microtech interior paddings have been redesigned with respect to the previous version.


Arai Renegade-VThe Renegade-V has everything that is expected of an Arai: top features.

The café-racer segment is booming. You already know: long beard, hipster, bikes with retro aesthetics… Arai has created the Renegade-V that could well cover this segment. It is interesting because with the Arai Renegade-V you will have a helmet 100% Arai; at first glance it looks very similar to other models of the brand and with the super quality and safety of the Japanese brand, but it has been optimized for motorcycles without fairing (there is a lot of retro naked or scrambler type) and they have given a vintage style in the design of the chinrest, imitating the lines of the American helmets of the ’70s. It is a genuine Arai but with an aggressive style that gives it a rebellious point.


And we close with another helmet that leaves a bit of the pattern of its segment: the AGV Sportmodular, possibly the modular helmet with the most sportive genetics of the market. You know that in Italy they are passionate about speed – even the coffee machines that are manufactured there are Racing – and the Italians of AGV have put part of that DNA in this modular helmet: it is a touring helmet with a carbon fiber shell that makes it really light.

AGV SportmodularThe AGV Sportmodular is one of the best modular helmets on the market.

There is also a detail that we like: the reversible interior (one side is designed to offer warmth and the other to be cooler). If you have done many kilometers, but you can not wash the interior, for whatever reason, then half turn and ready!

And this is our list of best helmets of 2019. We hope you write us in the comments which one is for you the best or, simply, which one you have fallen in love with and you are going to buy.


The modern and luxurious heir to the unforgettable “850” that made its fortune in the States more than 40 years ago boasts new technical content and outfitting. Eldorado, with a strong and unique tradition, is the best example of the heritage range available from the Moto Guzzi brand.

Eldorado is a luxurious motorcycle on the cutting-edge of technology which, powered by the largest V Twin ever manufactured in Europe, is a perfect interpretation of the most genuine Guzzi spirit. Eldorado is a true flagship in the bike world, embodying a splendid tradition in an increasingly solid present. And it does so looking decidedly to the future: chromium inserts and finely crafted details combine with LED lights and come together in classic lines that bring Moto Guzzi into a new dimension where refinement speaks Italian.


Fifty years of history. This is the calling card of the by now legendary Moto Guzzi 90° V Twin designed by engineer Giulio Cesare Carcano. From its first appearance on the V7, this legendary powerplant has been modified into countless versions and on a vast range of motorcycles.
It was in the third evolution of the 90° V Twin that Moto Guzzi breathed life into the Eldorado. The year was 1972. Less than two years earlier, on the wave of a surprising supply of 750cc V7 bikes to the LAPD (the Los Angeles Police Department), the first Guzzi California was born and, on the same base, the luxurious Ambassador. In the constant displacement increase, Carcano’s twin cylinder had already been taken from 700 to 757 cc and, with a third increase in size, the 850 cc version was born. With this engine, the Eldorado was made as a replacement for the Ambassador with an even more complete, refined and luxurious model, but also one that would be able to provide a powerful and satisfying ride.
The goal was clearly achieved: “if Roman gods had ridden motorcycles, the Moto Guzzi Eldorado would have been chosen by Bacchus.”  In the late ’60s, this was how the American Cycle World magazine concluded their test of the luxurious Italian bike, the latest evolution of the 90° V-twin with cardan final drive just introduced in the States. The metaphor effectively highlighted the intoxication experienced on a modern, powerful, luxurious and fast bike, painstakingly studied down to the smallest details and extremely satisfying to ride.
More than forty years later, this extraordinary experience is repeated in the shape and substance of the Eldorado. By looking at it, one can see clearly how this Moto Guzzi has preserved all the personality of its ancestor, drawing it from the past to the future along the path of technological evolution and stylistic continuity. It is a bike that, even when it is parked, evokes the travelling spirit, the hundreds of kilometres travelled with that perfect feeling between rider and mount, as the fundamental component of the Moto Guzzi soul. A bike with a powerful identity with a fiercely proud Italian heritage which comes onto the scene as a global traveller, at home in any latitude, able to bring to mind spaces which, from coast to coast, cross over faraway continents.


This is how designer Miguel Galluzzi, who is in charge of the Piaggio Group PADC at Pasadena, introduces it: “At 95 years of glorious Moto Guzzi history, a new wind of passion has pushed us to explore new horizons for this prestigious brand, not to mention the most important milestones. Great respect for tradition combined with a search for the best possible technology and the purest Italian design leads us today in the creation of the best Moto Guzzi bikes ever built. Searching for new horizons should be understood not only in terms of technique, but also as new riding experiences. All of this is blended in the soul of the new Moto Guzzi Eldorado: a bike designed to evoke riding excitement, the joy of ownership and admiration down to the smallest details like no other bike can do.