I spent a little time this week over at the MI5 building in Vauxhall. I gazed at it’s colossal presence with awe and wonder. It made me consider the workload here at Manpedia and how at some point that building was under construction, frail and exposed to the elements, but once the work went in to it and it was finished it stands proud, dominating the nearby landscape. So as the year end draws ever closer the planned remodelling of Manpedia continues to take place behind the scenes. The hoisting it up from shared articles and memes to original content in different mediums is for me very exciting. Those joining the cause in this first phase are very much appreciated, forming the foundations to the follower base that will come after you.

It has been a little of a chicken or the egg scenario, waiting for a predetermined number of viewers before elevating the game. Elevating the service provided. This period has allowed the trial and error of ideas and ventures. Some disappointingly didn’t grow legs, some very much ill conceived and welcomely abandoned.

It’s a learning curve though and ideas can seem fantastic, real statement makers but when you step back and think about it, they could go horribly wrong. So it will be a staple solid bodied content of written pieces, a regular podcast with a vidcast to accompany it. Reviews, guides and fitness challenges.

A lot goes on behind the scenes to bring ideas to reality and smooth talking companies into collaborations but I know it’s going to be a fantastic channel for people to enjoy. I’m sure there will still be memes and such like sprinkled throughout but the vision is clear, the vision is now defined.

There is going to be an official launch party in the summer of 2020 and in the future Manpedia will host an annual ball. All pipe dream stuff that I cannot wait to make a reality.

The workload may be huge and ever expanding but there’s no point whining, it’s time to tackle it.