Now let me begin by saying, I’m not fully versed in the complete history of the human race. I cannot comment a true and informed opinion to what has gone before. I do not know the repression of slavery nor the fear of ethic cleansing or any other walk of life that has endured horrific and unspeakable torment in their history.

I can only speak as an relatively well educated forty something year old man that is watching the planet he lives on self implode.

In recent weeks (in media terms) a ‘revolution’ has started. Or so we are told. Yes, it sadly does take the death of another human to cause this to fully rise to the surface. What I fear is the reality is that the actual meaning, the purpose of all of this has already been lost and overtaken by and let’s be honest here, the wanting to plain and simple cause trouble and rifts.

This is not intended to dilute the progress and awareness being made but sadly, humans are toxic by nature. The focus always falls to the negative, the media showing us the bad, the evil. Instead of not gracing those offenders with air time and headlines but promoting positive change, actually backing a movement for global equality. This age we can have multiple sources of information in our hands instantly, how and why this is never used to actually benefit the people is something I will never understand. Well in fact I do understand it, not many papers are sold with headlines like ‘peaceful protest makes great progress against inequality’ or ‘together we can achieve anything’.

As I recently discussed this subject with my friend, we are on the cusp of actual change, of actual new thinking. Generationally speaking, there is only one racist tier left, that being the one above mine and it’s not a malicious or proactive generation. More an ill informed generation. Maybe I am blinkered, maybe I can’t understand another’s history. Maybe I live looking forwards because I was always taught that what has gone before is done, it cannot be changed. Yes you can make changes from now but history is history. Of course elements of it shouldn’t be glorified but you can’t hide it. It is what has got us to this point today.

Scale it down to relationships, each bad relationship you have had, each one that has ended has formed who you are and how you think today. You don’t carry all of those bad elements through with you, you hold them as lessons and reminders not to accept those aspects anymore. It scales back up to this. We have to learn and evolve. Not harbour and regress.

The more baggage you carry the slower you move. Nothing will ever be forgotten, that is why it is history.

This piece is written with Britain in mind, I cannot relate my thoughts to any other country than my own, but one thing is clear. If America do not change their police force from operating way above the law to working for the law and for communities then situations like this will always arise. The British police force are nothing short of amazing humans, all of the emergency services are. They put themselves between us and harms way, they’re not armed to the teeth, they just stand there as people, protecting other people. They do not get the credit they deserve.

We have to ability to achieve such great change. We can realistically move into the genuine prospect of a new world. You hear so many people announce they are going on a social media break. Firstly, I’m not too sure why you have to announce that to something you’re leaving but maybe we as a culture need to have a break from the over saturation of information we absorb on social media. Maybe news as a whole needs to be rebranded and restructured to actually promote hope and positivity and not drown us in version after version of negativity of the same pieces of information.

Maybe instead trying to change history we should accept the scars the human race has given itself and start afresh.