Spidey sense.

What superpower would you have? How often do you hear that or get asked it? It’s pretty often isn’t it, it’s a great little conversation starter where people come up with all kinds of things with all kinds of reasons too. Being a superhero is a dream born as children with the eternal hope that hopefully at some point in our lives we will encounter a bizarre accident that will bestow upon us this gift of powers, and what a choice we have, the ability to fly, to be super strong, invisibility, laser eyes, x-ray vision, super speed the list … Continue reading Spidey sense.

A million likes.

What a time to be alive, what wondrous age of advancement, incredible technology and just plain and simple out and out wonderment. We want for nothing and each and every one of us quite literally have the world in our hands. We can virtually do anything from wherever we may be sitting, standing or laying. Yet maybe we have lost sight of what we value as important, on what ha actual value. Instead of investing time into those core values our focus appears to have drifted and potentially now run a ground into a world, a need to seek the … Continue reading A million likes.

Love: Part 1

I Thought I’d touch on this subject seeing as this will be hitting you right as the most romantic, love filled day in the calendar lands in our laps. I am talking of course about the one and the only Valentine’s Day. Firstly, let’s take to one side everyone’s boo-hiss attitude to Valentines Day claiming it is just a corporate spin of the wheel to make money. Well yes, February 14th no doubt generates millions and millions and makes the bottom of some pages look very handsome. But strip that back and look at it’s core, it’s meaning. It is … Continue reading Love: Part 1


This is a subject I talk about a lot to a lot of people. It’s the big one for personal development, something of huge intent but also of a certain careless shooting of the breeze. It is the topic that we define as the goal we have set out to achieve. The holy grail of our quest, the grand prize that we seek and know full well will be no easy task to achieve. Quite the opposite in fact, it will more than likely¬† be one of if not the hardest thing we ever apply ourselves to accomplishing. What is … Continue reading Endgame.

Trailing cables.

We all begin new chapters in our lives from time to time. It is just part of life, people come and people go for a whole multitude of reasons. After all, if you think about the endless possibilities of how and why people can come into your life then there is at least an equal amount of reasons that could also change and they can leave it. It’s important to understand , and I think this only comes with a little time and experience, which is translated to heartache generally speaking. But however we arrive at understanding that people will … Continue reading Trailing cables.

3 Years in 5 seconds.

Talking to mum over the Christmas period was nice as she appears to be finding her feet with this new way of life that she has had to adjust to since my dad passed away. It’s nice for me as a son to see her starting to get her head round it and when we was all around the Christmas table for dinner we all started to see her and her ‘new’ personality beginning to blossom. She’s funny, she’s of course kind but sadly I think she will always remain tight! I joke, she is a very generous person, but … Continue reading 3 Years in 5 seconds.